5 Fun Ways To Use PicCollage for Back To School 

Back to school season is officially here! And while we love summer vacations, picnics in the park, and trips to the beach as much as the next person, we must admit that it’s nice to get back into the routine of the school year. To help make that first week back to school a bit more creative, we’ve created a list of 5 fun ways to use PicCollage as you head into the new year. Scroll down to get inspired.

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Get Organized

Whether you want to set goals for the school year, create a pretty class schedule, or design your weekly planner, you’ll be able to find plenty of school-themed content in the app. If you want to start from scratch and let your creativity run wild, you can use a mixture of fun fonts and abstract stickers, like in the “My SMART Goals” collage. Or you can head to the template category to find a beautiful pre-made design that you can customize with text and stickers!

Collage on Left – Stickers: Crayon Alphabet, Bright & Happy Brush 
Collage on Right – Template in “School” Category

Create an Introduction Card

Perfect for the first day of school, an introduction card is a fun and creative way to share important info about students and help them get to know each other. Encourage kids to choose their favorite photo of themselves and to share their name, age, hobbies, and favorite subjects. Give them the freedom to choose the fonts, backgrounds, colors, and stickers that represent them best!

Stickers: Varsity Letters/Numbers, Back to School Pins

Document the First Day 

The first day back to school is always a big deal, and one that parents love to document! Snap a photo in the morning before your little ones head off to class. In the afternoon when they come home, work together to make a collage celebrating the start of a new grade!

Collage on Left – Template from “School” category
Collage on Right – Stickers: Pink Academia | Backgrounds: Cowgirl Disco 

Summarize A Favorite Book 

If your kids had a summer reading list, creating a collage to summarize their favorite book is a fun way to cement their learning! Encourage them to share their favorite part of the book, as well as important characters. Use the “Web Search” tool to find a photo of the book cover or just take a photo and upload it from the camera roll. Then use the “Cutout” tool to remove the background. 

Stickers: Back to School Pins | Backgrounds: Class Time!

Make an Inspirational Poster 

Inspirational posters that can be hung in the classroom or a bedroom can help students keep up the momentum as they move towards their goals. Have them do some research to find a quote or saying they love. Then they can make a collage using their favorite fonts, backgrounds, and stickers as a reminder of what they want to achieve! (Pro tip: If you change the layout size to wallpaper, it can be saved as a phone screensaver for on-the-go inspo!)

Collage on Left – Stickers: Back to School Pins, Mix & Match Alphabet, Fun Collage Decoration | Background: My Classroom 
Collage on Right – Background: Cowgirl Party

We hope you love these tips to use PicCollage creatively during the first week of school. How else will you use the app this school year? Tell us in the comments and be sure to follow along on social media @piccollage for tips, tricks, and new content!

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