1. What do the‘Get Started’ and ‘+’ do? 
  • After tapping Get Started or + you can select your photos/videos and tap the ✔️’check-mark’ in the top right corner.
  • This is where the magic happens.✨ Our AI Technology will mix your photos into our designs to give you dozens of collage possibilities!
  • On Android, you can use the 🔀‘shuffle’ or ‘adjustment’ icon to customize and explore different design options. If you love what you’ve made, simply tap the ‘share’ icon!
    • Otherwise, tap Next continue directly into the collage editor to add your own personal touch!
2. How do I adjust the size, layout, and background for my collage?
  • While in the collage editor, select Layout on iOS or the ‘square collage icon on Android from the bottom menu. 
  • Scroll horizontally to explore different options and use the slider to adjust grid spacing.
  • From here you can also customize Size and Background by tapping on them.
3. How do I rotate and resize images?
  • Tap your image once, and drag the dot in the upper right corner to resize and rotate your image.
  • You can also use two fingers to pinch the photo to resize and rotate. 
4. How do I add and edit videos? [iOS]
  • To add a video: tap Photos, select up to two videos (Subscribe to VIP to add up to 5!) from your library, and tap the ✔️’check-mark’ in the top right corner.
  • To edit a video: double-tap or tap and hold the video. From the menu that appears you can trim, mute, duplicate, and edit the border of the video.
5. How do I add background, alignment, and outline to my texts?
  • iOS:
    • Select Text from the bottom menu and type your text. 
    • From here, select the ‘T’ to edit the font, the 🎨‘palette’ icon to edit the color of the text/ text background, and the ‘…’ to edit alignment and font outline. 
    • Press the ✔️’check-mark’ when you’re done. 
  • Android: 
    • Tap + and Text and type something.
    • From here, select the ‘T’ to edit the font, the ‘drop’ icons to edit the color of the text/ text background, and the ‘…’ to edit alignment and font outline. 
    • Press the ✔️’check-mark’ when you’re done. 
  • To adjust text: double-tap or tap and hold the text and select Edit
  • Tip: You can also select Doodle to handwrite your text! ✍️
6. Can I edit my collages on multiple devices?

Currently, your collage drafts in My Collages are only stored on the device they are created on. So even if you’re connected to the same PicCollage account, your collages won’t be available or saved on other devices.  

We know your collages are very special and meaningful ❤️ We understand and are working hard towards a better solution. In the meantime, please be sure to save your collages to your library, backup your collages often, and share them on social media platforms to avoid losing them! (Note: you won’t be able to re-edit collages once they are saved)

7. Where did all my collages go?

Please be sure to save and back up your collages often to preserve your hard work and memories! 

Once you uninstall the app or switch devices, your collage drafts will be deleted. However, if you have previously uploaded them to the PicCollage community, other social media platforms, or saved them to your device library, you will still be able to access them. 

8. Where are the stickers and backgrounds that I bought?

Don’t worry! If you got a new phone and lost your previously purchased items, we got your back. 💪🏼

You should be able to restore purchased items without having to pay again as long as your device is connected to the same iTunes/Google Play account that you made the purchases with. To restore your purchased items, please follow the steps below:

  1. Tap ‘=’ on the home page
  2. Tap Settings and tap Restore purchased items

 You can also try:

  1. Tap the Store icon on the bottom right of the home page
  2. Tap My Items tab on the top
  3. Tap Restore at the top right of the page

If you have switched platforms (i.e: iOS to Android or vice versa) or are still unable to restore your items after following the steps above, please contact us directly by tapping on the ‘compose’ icon (on mobile) or ‘submit a Request’ in the top right corner (on web) and send us screenshots of your receipts so we can help you find your items! 

9. How do I get rid of the watermark?

iOS: Watermark removal is currently one of many amazing features included in our VIP Subscription! It is available for a monthly payment of $4.99USD or an annual subscription of $35.99USD. To find out more about VIP perks, keep scrolling! 

Android: When you’re done with your collage and enter the save or share page, tap Remove Watermark for removal. It’s a one-time payment of $1.99USD that will allow you to enjoy an ad and watermark-free PicCollage experience forever! 🎉

10. What is included in the VIP Subscription? [iOS]

As a VIP Subscriber, you’ll be able to access all of our best and new content updated weekly by our awesome team, including: 

👑 All 3,000+ stickers
👑 All 2,000+ backgrounds
👑 Exclusive templates
👑 Add up to 5 videos per collage (3 more than the free version!)
👑 No watermark
👑 No ads

Click the gold ‘VIP’ icon on the top right of the home page to find out more. ✨

💖 If you still have questions, we’d love to get all of them answered at our full help center here.