Celebrate Dogust with PicCollage (Part 1)

It’s a ‘dog takeover’ this August (or should we say, ‘Dogust’!) here at PicCollage. To celebrate International Dog Day on August 26th, we will be interviewing our very own team members about their dogs – & how our app helps them share the love for their dear pets! First up we have K and Minnie, who have an adorable pup each – Goose and Niu Niu. 

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Tell us about the adoption process for Goose?

K: “She was in a pen with six other dachshunds. They were all super excited and running around… but she sleepily crawled to me and asked to be petted. If I stopped, she would put her face in my hands and demand more… but then I turned my back and someone else had picked her up! I held my breath until she was let down and then I picked her up and went immediately to the volunteers to start the adoption process.”

How do you use PicCollage to share about Goose?

K: “Once Goose had settled in with us earlier this year, we wanted everyone to meet her! This party invite from the ‘Jungle Party’ templates category went down a storm (our party had a zebra print theme!)

Since Goose is still in her first year of adoption – K and Tam (her proud parents) need to send updates to her adoption center to make sure everything is going smoothly! Of course they use PicCollage to craft these updates. This one was made in ‘Freestyle’ mode and using our tool ‘Pages’ to create multiple pages. 

Now onto Minnie and Niu Niu… Minnie – what are some fun facts about lovely Niu Niu?!

Minnie: “She will always show up if the activity is related to food – no discrimination on the types of food available haha! She loves a good sunbathe. She would legitimately be happy if she could go out and just bask in the sun everyday of her life!”

What‘s your favorite dog-themed content right now in the PicCollage app?

Minnie: “The (free!) ‘Doggo Shelter Kit’ sticker pack is super cute. My sister adopted Niu Niu when she saw her ad on a different city’s shelter website and it wasn’t getting any attention. It was love at fist sight! It’s so important to support shelters.”

We know that you’ve got TONS of photos and videos of your pup, and we hope that this post has inspired you to highlight your favorites using PicCollage! Head to the app now to check out all of our adorable canine content to celebrate your four-legged friends!

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