5 Card Styles to Celebrate Wedding Season

Summer is here in full bloom, and it’s that time of year where wedding bells are ringing and wedding season begins. Whether you’re attending weddings in-person or sending your wishes from afar, we’ve got the perfect cards for you to celebrate the newlyweds in style. Scroll down to see some of our favorite card styles and inspiration we’ve gathered to help you get started. With a little creativity, you can make a collage that will make those memories last for a lifetime!

Note: all of the cards below can be found in the “Wedding” template category in the app. Simply tap Templates when you open the app, and look for the category to start creating.

Trendy Bold Colors

If you’re looking for something that takes center stage, why not try Pantone’s color for 2023 – Viva Magenta? It’s vibrant and modern, yet powerful and worthy of celebration. Starting with this color scheme will surely add bold touch to your wedding collage. 

For a quick and easy card, you can simply drop your photos in one of our beautiful templates found in this color. If you have more time and are up for a creative challenge, you can start with freestyle. For the example on the right, we used Web Image from the bottom menu to search for “Viva Magenta” and added it as an image to the editor. We then used Cutout and made our very own freeform-shaped stickers. As a finishing touch, we added gold text and stickers to give it an elegant look.

Glitz and Glam 

If you’re into all things sparkly and glamorous, the “Bridal Glitz” sticker and background packs are perfect for you. For a card to highlight the couple, you can use Cutout to put a spotlight on the bride and groom in your card. We also added glittery ‘Mr and Mrs’ stickers to give it an extra flair and used an additional sticker pack (“Pearlcore” stickers) to decorate the edges of the collage. For a simple card where the photos are the star, you can simply choose a complex design from the “Bridal Glitz” background pack to help make the photos pop. These glam designs works well with any type of photos!

Soft Florals

For a romantic and delicate aesthetic, try going with soft florals. You can find an array of options to choose from in our “Wedding” template category. These templates feature an extensive range of soft pastel shades – from blush pink to tones of soft yellow and cream – making it easy to find the perfect style to suit everyone’s fancy.  To give it an extra personal touch, you can always add handwritten-style texts to each template to complement your designs.

Simple and Elegant

Not into bold or pastel colors? You can go with a classic and elegant look that never goes out of style. In the app you’ll find several sleek and sophisticated cards that are perfect to highlight the celebration of a wedding day. These designs focus on minimalist elements like simple backgrounds, beautifully paired fonts, and clean layouts. You can also begin by building a collage with grids, add in a single color backdrop, and embellish with silver stickers from our “Wedding Chalk Lettering” sticker pack. 

Art Deco

If you’re a fan of the Roaring Twenties, bring some vintage glamour to your wedding collage with Art Deco designs. Opt for geometric shapes, gold accent frames, and bold typography. Our pre-made templates have a few with an Art Deco feel, but you can also search our “Special Day” background pack to find vintage and retro backdrops. Experiment with handwritten text and photo borders for a timeless feel.

No matter what style you choose, creating a collage is a beautiful way to document and celebrate all the special moments that make up a wedding day. Use these tips and templates as inspiration, and don’t hesitate to get creative and make something unique to you and your loved ones. What style will you use to showcase a wedding celebration? Share your creations on social media and tag @piccollage to show us what you made! We love seeing what you come up with. 

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