What’s Easter Without an Egg Hunt?!

Easter Sunday is in just a few days, so what do you remember most about Easter?
Was it the huge easter bunny that you had to take awkward photos with?


Or was it the Easter goodies….?

Maybe it was the egg hunt activity! You know, where you were placed in the park with 20 other kids and on the count of 3, everyone would run around trying to collect as many eggs as possible.

This year, we are bringing the egg hunt to you, digitally:


There are 2 parts to this contest:

1. Find all the easter eggs and count how many there are! Feel free to collect those easter eggs in your collection folder. (Here’s a blog post showing you how to collect images: https://blog.piccollage.com/2015/03/05/how-to-collect-images/ ) Comment below once you’ve figured it out.

2. Find the hidden bunny and create a new collage with it! Remix the collage here or share your collage with us through Facebook or Instagram and tag @piccollage.

We look forward to seeing your collages. Happy hunting!



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