How To: Collect Images

You may have noticed a cool new feature on PicCollage – Collecting images. You know when you find a great sticker or photo or GIF and you want to keep it forever? Now you can! Check out the collages below that show how you can collect awesome scraps from your own collages as well as other great collages you come across. Questions or comments? Let us know in the comments section! What’s your favorite scrap that you’ve collected so far?

(Only available for iOS so far – we’re working on the Android version!)


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  1. I like the new collection tab but I’m missing the copy and paste that we use to be able to do 🙁
    If I want to use something on another collage I can only collect it now instead of copy and paste which means sometimes I need to erase what I collected just to do that ;( if there wasn’t a fifty max on the collection then it wouldn’t matter.
    Thanks! Still love pic collage!

  2. Wow I love pic collage I have 1 request for you make it to were you don’t just put YouTube videos on there but you put your own videos from your camera roll please do this From pic collage lover Sam

      1. Hey do y’all have a picollege acout.If so you can check out my acout Tuttleags just tap the me button then go to find friends next tap the search sign then you can type in my acout Tuttleags.

  3. I like to take pictures within the app and straight onto a collage. But can I save those pictures into my iPad’s folder? At the moment I’m having to use the photo as a background, then export the collage into my photos which is a little bit of work and I was wondering if there was a shortcut

    1. Hi there, if you’re using the web search feature in PicCollage to find photos, there unfortunately isn’t a way to save just that photo to your device from the app. Sorry about that!

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