Getting Creative for the Olympics

Have you guys been watching the 2018 Winter Olympics? If you have been, then you must have seen the poster that Chloe Kim’s father created for her. If you missed it, don’t worry, here it is again:

Chloe Kim’s father may have won the internet with his homemade sign, but we created another poster rooting for Chloe with PicCollage:

We’re planning to print this out for the 2022 Winter Olympics and to root for her there!

Also, this year, we had a sticker pack collaboration with Smiley World and created this Winter Sports pack just for you!


There’s still four more days remaining in the Winter Olympics, so go out there and create your own fan poster with PicCollage and print it out. Share your designs with us on Facebook, we’d love to see who you are cheering for!

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