Happy Lunar Year of the Dog!

2018 is the Lunar Year of the Dog. If you are wondering why there are different animal signs in the Chinese Zodiac, it originated from a tradition that stemmed from Ancient Chinese folklore. There are 12 animal signs in total, with each chronologically arranged animal representing a different year.


It was said that the Jade Emperor wanted to select 12 animals to be his guard. Therefore he held the great race to see which 12 would cross the heavenly gates first. According to the story, the Rat and the Ox were early risers, and set out together. The Rat rode on the Ox’s back, but before Ox could tread on dry land, the Rat jumped off and took first place, leaving the Ox as the runner-up. Competitive and fast in nature, the Tiger and Rabbit came in third and fourth place. The beautiful Dragon came in fifth, while the crafty Snake claiming to be the dragon’s son took sixth. The kind and modest Horse and Goat took seventh and eighth place. In ninth place was the jumping Monkey.  The last few animals were the Rooster, Dog and Pig. The Dog came in eleventh place, as it was frolicking and playing around prior to reaching the finish line.


This year being the year of the dog, we can see the trend where our most adored pet is appearing in fashion:

Gucci celebrates with illustrations of the Boston terriers, Bosco and Orso in their collection of bags and accessories. Moschino introduces Betty Boop’s pet Pudgy for their limited edition collection.


To celebrate the festivities in PicCollage’s content collection, we not only have Lunar New Year backgrounds and sticker packs, we also have our newest and cutest pack, “Live, Love, Woof” drawn by our very own in house designer Tiffany Lee to celebrate the Lunar Year of the Dog.


Woof woof, and wish you all good luck and Happy Lunar Year of the Dog!

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