Make a Phone Case that Nobody Else Has (Promo Code included)

You might not be a fan of Valentine’s Day but there’s no reason to ignore a great excuse to buy yourself (or your special someone) a customized phone case!

I’m one of those people, so I used this Valentine’s Day code (provided at the end) to treat myself to a new phone case for a new phone that I got for Christmas. 🙂  I made this in 5 minutes, no kidding! Full disclosure: I use PicCollage on a daily basis so I know the ins and outs of the app, which I am happy to share with you all here, so that you can do it in 5 minutes, too!

Step 1: Choose a background

Image uploaded from iOS (2)


I’m in love with this new background pack!  Chose this simple pattern to be the base pattern of my new phone case.  If you are a minimalist, you could even create a cool phone case that just uses one of our hundreds of background patterns on its own.






Step 2: Choose a photo and “Cut” it



Add a photo of your favorite person/pet/thing and double tap on the photo to select a “Cutout” effect of the image.

Here’s a pro tip: after tracing around the image that you want on phone case, two results will appear below it.  The first is a cutout of exactly what you traced.  The second is PicCollage’s smart technology that clips out the image according the edges that it detects on the “object”.  I chose the latter because, as you will see below, it looks so much cooler, and gives the effect of it being a sticker.



Step 3: Choose stickers to add personality

Speaking of “stickers”, I wanted to give my boo a little beanie for the cold weather, and added some additional free stickers to make him look like he’s expressing a lil’ bit of love.

So many new stickers!  Two of the packs I used were free, too!


Step 4:  Turn your collage into a phone case

Once you’re happy with your collage, tap the DONE button, then select PRINT…

You have now entered the phone case check-out process, so just follow the instructions and NEXT buttons to make your purchase.

Don’t forget to enter our Valentine’s Day promo code VDAY10 for a 10% discount.

So there you go, four simple steps, one unique phone case that nobody else will have!


PROMO CODE: VDAY10 (Expires Feb 1)

2 thoughts

  1. Why are the latest stickers unable to be made tiny? The arrow is so huge that it prevents you from seeing the sticker if you want it to be tiny.

    1. Hi Lori,

      We have a minimum size of each scrap so that it doesn’t disappear under your finger. May I ask which sticker pack you are referring to which is giving you issues? Does it shrink less than other sticker packs?

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