DIY: Company Holiday Party Costume

It’s my favorite time of the year, our company holiday party! As a group of creatives, we needed a theme for the holiday party. Our theme this year was: Artists + Colors, which correlates perfectly with how we named our conference rooms! (Check out our conference rooms in this blog post:

This year, my coworkers and I agreed to create our costumes from scratch! In order to plan our costumes, we used PicCollage to map out our ideas. Here are the collages that we’ve created:

Me –

I’ve decided to go with Mondrian’s design because I really like how he composed the colors. I mocked up my skirt on PicCollage to figure out the spacing and colors I needed for the skirt.

Victoria –
Victoria decided to dress as Frida Kahlo, the legendary Mexican painter. She dissected all the parts she needed to make her costume. She was looking for a flower pattern background, a scarf, and a flower head band to perfect her look.

Tiffany –
Tiffany has always admired Chuck Close’s paintings and photography, so she decided to go as one of his art pieces. She found a design that she liked online, and selected the colors she needed for her outfit.

Now we were all ready to go shopping!

We stopped by a local fabric store and picked out all the materials we needed.
Here’s everything that I got:

The next part was the tricky part: sizing the skirt, cutting the pieces, and stitching them together (PROGRESS PHOTO):IMG_5499.JPG

After 2 days of hard work, our master pieces have been completed!

Take a look at our team photo from the holiday party!


Next time you’re looking to design your outfit, try using PicCollage and share with us your masterpiece!


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