PicCollage’s Hipster Chicks go shopping

For those who are wondering who’s that beautiful girl in our screenshots, we are proud to introduce lovely Hana, our Hipster Chic model. Hana is a great supporter of PicCollage, throughout our development, she and her friends have become our top consultants in regards to sticker styles and newest trends in the mobile space.  Two weekends ago, we asked Hana to invite her girlfriends to come and be our Hipster Chic models for the day. It was great fun, and a wonderful opportunity for us to learn how our young fashionistas view the virtual world.


Without further ado, we’re proud to introduce our Hipster Chic models: Hana, Lana, Ally and Caitlin.


We started the day at Hana and her sister, Lana’s, home getting ideas from magazines for the photo shoot, and talking about their favourite apps. Here’s a brief
What programs do you watch on TV?
We don’t watch tv anymore. Now we follow Youtube channels like Shaytards and Marcus Butler.
What are your favourite apps?
Instagram, Vine, PicCollage. Now Instagram is the place to be
What do you love about Instagram?
Love to FOLLOW and be FOLLOWED
Who are the people you follow?
Friends, famous people, like One Direction
Have you had any interesting experiences with Instagram?
There was one time when we followed someone with 10,000 followers, and somehow after we followed and commented on her posts, we got 1000 followers on our accounts. To this day we still don’t know how it happened, but it seems like most of the followers were fake accounts.
What are your secrets to making great photos before you collage?
I like to use Afterlight before collaging, this way you can use their filters, change the brightness and saturation.
Here’s a sneek peek of the new PicCollage design, what do you think?
– like the color scheme
– there’s a new profile page!! (love it!)
– liked the new fonts
– like to explore!
 any suggestions?
– would like to search and look up people
– aside from the freeform finger crop, would like to be able to crop pictures into shapes, like circle, square, star
– would like to have the option to have a white side border instead of black side border when posting to instagram
– it would be great if there could be a template pack where we could download a pack of stickers, backgrounds and fonts all together to make a collage.
After our interview, we headed off to Palo Alto for an afternoon of shopping. Here’s a peek of how the rest of the day went.
Talking, walking, texting, photo shooting around town…


Finding cool stuff at the candy store…


Some girly mischief at Sephora…LOL


And..last but not least, some serious shopping at Urban Outfitters…

photo (7)

It was a FABULOUS Sunday afternoon, thanks girls!!

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