Father’s Day Joke Flow Chart

It’s almost time for Father’s Day 2019 (wasn’t it just New Year’s about 5 minutes ago?!). While shopping for gifts and planning get-togethers for the father figures in your life, you may find yourself stumped when it comes time to put sentiment into words. If the holiday has snuck up on you, let us take one worry off your plate with the perfect note to write in your Father’s Day card! 

What do Dads really want inside their Father’s Day cards? A deep Father’s Day quote? A heart-felt emotional message? Money? I mean all of those might be great too, but we all know cheesy humor is the real way to a Dad’s heart. End your card on the right note with one of the most time honored paternal practices– Dad Jokes!  We’ve created a Father’s Day Flow Chart to help you find the perfect joke to match your Dad’s personality and interests.  Follow the path below to help you make your Dad chuckle.  

Do you have any other favorite Dad Jokes? Let us know in the comments!

How to Make a Father’s Day Card in the App: Don’t forget that you can use templates in the PicCollage app to make a custom Father’s Day card and even add your own images.  You can also include your favorite Dad Joke using the text editor feature. To get the look of a handmade Father’s Day Card – add stickers or draw a doodle.  Then print the card out to give in person, or send it as an e-card if your Dad is tech savvy! 

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