Showcase Your Message: Tips for Crafting Engaging Posters & Flyers

If you’re trying to promote an event or cause that’s important to you, one great way to do that is by creating a poster or flyer to help spread the word! But to make sure it has the most impact, it’s vital that you design something that not only provides the relevant information, but is also eye-catching and well-designed. Scroll down to see a few tips and tricks to help you craft engaging posters and flyers with PicCollage!

Include The Important Info 

To ensure that your flyer gets the message across, it’s important to identify the most important things you want to highlight and create your designs strategically. This generally means including an eye-catching title or headline in a large font so that people immediately know what you’re promoting. It also means including all the necessary supporting information or any calls-to-action. 

For an in-person event, this includes the date, time, location, and ticket price (if applicable). For an online sale or workshop, this includes a button that people can click on to shop or register for the event. (See the Summer Sale flyer below.)

Choose a Color Scheme 

To make sure your design feels cohesive and beautiful, choose a color scheme before you begin! You can do this by starting with a photo you love and using the eye dropper tool to use the colors in the image for the background or text. Another option is to try an AI color palette generator, where you can type in keywords and it will generate options. Try something like “deep fall whimsical” for some great autumn palettes.

Play with Font Pairing 

Pairing fonts can be a great way to make your design more interesting and to call attention to important parts of your message. Play around with contrasting fonts that are really different for maximum effect. This helps separate different sections of the design and ensures that the messaging is clear. We recommend experimenting with classic/modern combos or simple/decorative combos.

Refine and Add Detail 

Once you’ve settled on the colors and text, add stickers or photos to pull it all together! Whatever your flyer or poster is promoting, we’ve got stickers that will really make the design pop. Watch the video below to see how we created a flyer for a local craft fair!

Of course, you can share your finished product online via email or social media. But you can also print out your flyer to hand out to people in real life! Just keep in mind that the 2:3 aspect ratio is the most common for printing. Once you’ve finished your flyer, tap “Done” and then tap “Print” to connect with your wireless printer.

We can’t wait to see the engaging flyers and posters you create in PicCollage! Be sure to follow us on social media @piccollage to be the first to hear about new content and pro tips!

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