Frequently Asked Questions


(1.1) Create and Edit Collages
From importing photos from your library, to playing around with various layouts, backgrounds, and stickers, this section focuses on the process of creating and editing your collages. This section also covers questions related to web search, doodle, photo effects, and cutout. [Learn More]
(1.2) Save and Share Collages
This section covers questions about saving and sharing your completed collages and the removal of watermark and ads. [Learn More]
(1.3) Store
From searching for your desired sticker packs to restoring purchased items, this section answers questions about in-app purchases and content discoverability[Learn More]
(1.4) Social Features
Wonder how you can explore the designs made by the PicCollage community, and how you can also showcase your own creations? From setting up your own profile, to getting your collages featured, this section focuses on helping you maximize the social features of PicCollage. [Learn More]
(1.5) My Account
Whether it’s account creation, password change, or privacy concerns, this section is dedicated to providing answers for your account-related questions. [Learn More]
(1.6) Others
Can’t find your question in the sections above? Try “Others”. Here, we answer a broad range of questions —from disabling push notifications, to copyright issues, to changing language display settings. [Learn More]
(1.7) Windows 10 PicCollage
This section focuses on answering your Windows 10-related questions and concerns. [Learn More]

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