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My Account

1. How do I create an account? (sign up/ with Facebook or Email)

To sign up, just tap on the Profile “Me” icon on the collage gallery (the third button on the bottom of the APP page), and it should first lead you to “Enter PicCollage” and bring you to the login/ sign up page.  Choose to either login using Facebook, or sign up using an email addressYou can also tap the button on the right top corner, this will lead you to the “Setting”.  By tapping on “Log in to PicCollage”, it will take you to the “Log in with Facebook” or the “Sign up with email” pageBy creating an account, you agree that you are at least 13 years old and agree to the Terms of Service (http://cardinalblue.com/tos) and acknowledge that you have read the Privacy Policies (http://cardinalblue.com/privacy). Once you create an account you can share to multiple social networks from Pic Collage to all the other social networks that  you have.
Please refer to the image below for further instructions.
My Accounts 1

2. How do I log in/ log out my account ?

To log in (sign in) to your personal account, please tap on the icon in the upper left corner or swipe down the start page of the app and find Login. By tapping on Login, you will be led to a page where you can choose to either Log in with Facebook or Sign up with E-mail. Then follow the instructions and you’re good to go! For users who have already created a PicCollage account, please tap on Login below Sign up with E-mail. then enter your username or e-mail address and your password.
Please refer to the image below for further instructions.

-To log in

My Accounts 2.1

-To log out

My Accounts 2.2

3. How do I change my user name? (display name)

To change your username, tap on the Settings icon on the top-right corner of your profile page and select “Edit account info”.  You can edit your username there.
Please refer to the image below for further instructions.
My Accounts 3

4. How do I change my password? (forget/reset password)

To change your password, go to Settings, and tap on Edit Account Info. You will see the option Change Password below the big green Done button. Then follow the instructions and you’re all set!
If you have forgotten your password, just tap on the OMG Forgot Password button on the Login page to reset your password. Or, you can also go to this page to reset your password: http://pic-collage.com/password_reset/new
Please refer to the image below for further instructions.
My Account 4

5. How do I set my account to private?

To keep others from seeing your profile or the collages you post, you can set your account to Private:
           1. Go to your Profile
           2. Tap on Edit Account Info
           3. Under “Who can view your profile?”, you can choose Only Me (Private)
Please refer to the image below for further instructions.
My Account 5

6. How do I enter Pic Collage with different Facebook account?

Your PicCollage account is synced with your Facebook App and account on your device. To log in with a different user, please log in to the Facebook App using the account you want to change it to ->  Re-launch PicCollage -> Settings -> Tap on the Connect button next to Facebook -> Login. Or you can log in with an email registered account for Pic Collage, but for sharing to Facebook, you would still need to log in with the Facebook account you want to share with

7. How do I delete my account?

To delete your account from PicCollage, please try this:

1. Go to app Settings
2. Edit account info (the top option in Settings)
3. Tap on the red “Delete account” option at the bottom of the page
4. “Yes, I’m sure”

Please note that once the account is deleted, your collages under the Profile will be deleted as well.


Please refer to the instruction collage below.

8. How do I disable Push Notifications?

iOS: To turn off Push Notifications, please go to device Settings => Notifications => Pic Collage and then switch off the notifications for our app.

Please refer to the image below for further instructions.

My Account 9

Android: To turn off Push Notifications, please go to PicCollage Settings => scroll down to Notifications => switch OFF

9. [Android] Higher resolution

To have higher resolution on photos from your device gallery, please make sure the High resolution option is swtiched ON:
          1. Go to Settings
          2. Make sure the High resolution is ON
The image quality should be better after the collage is saved/shared.

10. [iOS] School Settings

To provide educators and students with a safe and useful creative tool, we offer “School Settings” options. Go to your iPad/iPhone’s Settings page and scroll down to PicCollage. Under “School Settings”, you will see two options: – Allow Photos from Web, and – Allow Social Features. You will be able to turn both of these options OFF to disable all PicCollage social features and also the “Photos from Web” feature. Please note that the Photos from the Web search is set at the maximum level of security (Safest Mode) by default.

11. [iOS] Get access to Photos from Library

To get access to your photos in library, please try this: On your device, go to Settings => Privacy => Photos => PicCollage, and switch it “ON”. Re-launch PicCollage and you should be good to go!

12. How do I change my profile picture?

To change your profile picture, you need to log in to the app first. And please go to your profile from the icon in the upper left corner of the start page. Tap on your current profile picture, then you will be able to choose between two options: Take Photo or Choose from library.

13. Password link is not working

If you can’t click on the URL from the email to change your password, please try to copy and paste the URL to your browser to see if it works.

Create and Edit

9. How do I edit borders of pictures (change borders) ?

To edit the border of any photo, just tap the photo and select “Border”. You can either change the color of the border or turn it off completely (no border). You can also add shadows to your photo.

If you want the border and shadow settings to be applied to all the photos, just tap on “Apply to All”.

When you’re done, tap “Done” and your border options will be stored as default for the next time you pull a photo into your collage.

Please refer to the instruction collage as below.

10. How do you create a collage in landscape mode?

Currently the only way to create a collage in landscape mode is to rotate your photos to face the direction that you want. We may add the landscape collage editing feature in the future.

11. How do I edit photo?

To edit photos/ pictures you added on your canvas, just double tap on the photo/picture, then choose the first option of the menu- “Edit Photo.”
You can apply 10 different effects to the photo, include cropping the photo to quadrilateral and drawing on the picture.After applying any of the editing function, tap “Apply” on the right conner of the box, and tap “Done,” then your picture will be successfully edited.Please refer to the instruction collage as below.

12. How do I adjust the size of photos/ stickers?

To adjust the size of your photos, use two fingers to pinch a photo to make it smaller, or stretch the photo with two fingers to enlarge it, the same method can be applied to stickers
We also have a Help Page which teaches you how to use different gestures to arrange the pics in a collage. To get to the help page, please go to your Profile Settings and tap Help.  You can scroll down to view all pages of the Help tutorial.

13. How do I delete/ remove scraps (picture/ stickers/ text) on my collage?

To delete a picture/text/sticker, you can flick it with your finger or drag it to the trash can. If you want it back, just tap the trash can, which is located on the top-right corner of the collage-canvas page.
We also have a Help Page which teaches you how to use different gestures to arrange the pics in a collage. To get to the help page, please go to your Profile Settings and tap Help.  You can scroll down to view all pages of the Help tutorial.

14. [iOS] Straighten photos

On iOS devices, to straighten your photos, try shaking your phone.  If you want to undo, just shake it again.

15.  The limited number for adding photos

Pic Collage provides a limit of 30 “scraps” (that’s what we call it – “scraps” include images both from library and web, and text boxes). The reason for this limit is that when you go beyond it, and add shadows or clip it, the performance of the app is reduced and becomes laggy and slow. We are being a bit conservative with the 30-scrap limit and definitely plan to increase it soon.

16. Is there auto-save function on Pic Collage?

Pic Collage has this auto saved function for the users after you share to any platform.

17.  Saving error on Android devices

If there’s an error message shows up when you try to save the collage, please try this:
           1. Go to Settings
          2. Scroll down to High Resolution option
          3. Switch it OFF. Also make sure there is enough storage on your device, and save again to see if it works.

18. How do I set a picture as background?

For making a picture be the background of your collage, you can just double tap on the picture, and there will be a menu popping out, by tap “Set as Background” the picture would be set.Please refer to the instruction collage as below.

19. [Create] I cant find my previous collages since the new update on Android

Please make sure you’ve updated the app to the latest version on Google Play, and you can find your previous collages in the “My Collages” section.  Please try this:

1. Tap on the three-line icon on the upper left corner next to the app icon (or you can just swipe from left on the screen)
2. There will be a list showing up from the left
3. Choose the “My Collages” option
4. You will see the collage gallery, where the previous collages are stored.
5. Just swipe to left/right to view all the collages you’ve made.

Share and Explore Collages

2. How do I email a Collage (Explore/ Create/ Profile)

To email the collage, please first make sure an email account has been set up on your device.On your on “Create” page, just tap on the Share icon on the lower right corner of the collage canvas, and select Send by Email. On Explore (interesting feed/ following feed) , just tap on “…” on the left conner, then tap “share to” and choose “Email”, the mailing page will show. (same method for mailing collage from your Profile)
Please refer to the image below for further instructions.
Share and Explore 5

3. How do I delete/ remove a collage from my profile (Me)?

To remove a collage post from your Profile:
iOS devices: Go to Profile -> Tap on the collage you want to delete -> Tap on the “…” icon at the bottom -> Others -> Delete collage.
Android devices: Go to Profile -> Tap on the collage you want to delete -> Tap on the Setting button, and select Delete.

4. How do I get my collages between different devices?

To share collages between different devices, we suggest that you can register an account on Pic Collage, and by uploading your creations on your profile, and download Pic Collage on all your devices, you are therefore able to get the collages you have made.

However, for the collage drafts saved in My Collages on your device, please know that these drafts cannot be shared between different devices.

In-App Purchases

1. How can I remove the PicCollage watermark?

 To remove the watermark from the collage, please do this: 1. tap on the Share icon on the lower right corner of the collage canvas 2. scroll down to the second section and switch OFF “Add Watermark” option 3. there should be a Remove Watermark pop-up 4. tap on “Unlock for $1.99 (please note that you will be charged $1.99 for having the control of watermark) When it’s unlocked, you will be able to switch ON/OFF the watermark from every collage.

2. Why is the watermark still enabled after I paid?

If the payment to remove watermark has been made previously, you shouldn’t be charged again. If you are seeing the popup again, please try this: 1. Tap on the Unlock button 2. There will be a dialogue showing up asking you to Buy or Cancel 3. Tap on the Buy button 4. If you’ve made the payment once before, there should be a dialogue showing that you will make the purchase for “Free” this time. 5. Just tap on OK to activate the switch, and you won’t get charged again.

3. How do I restore my purchased items?

If you find your previously purchased items missing from the app after the update, please go to the app’s Settings page and find the Restore purchased items option. You can simply restore all the items you have purchased without having to pay again as long as your device is connected to the same iTunes/Google Play account.

For iOS users, you can also go to Store and find the My items tab at the top of the page. Once on the My items page, please scroll down and find the Restore purchased items option.

Other Q&A

1. Does PicCollage have a desktop version?

Unfortunately, no. So far we are only available on Android or iOS mobile devices
If you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod-Touch, you can download it from the App Store by searching for “Pic Collage”:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/piccollage/id448639966?mt=8
If you have an Android device, you can download it from the Google Play store by searching for “PicCollage”, or go to this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cardinalblue.piccollage.google

2.How do I print the collages?

There are two ways to print the collages.
1. Save the collage to your library/gallery of your device and connect to the                      printer around you.
2. Purchase a postcard that automatically prints and ships your collage to                         anyone around the world for $1.99. (On Create book) Just tap on the “Share”                   icon (bottom-right) and select “Send Postcard”.

3. How do I get the URL of the collages?

To get the URL of the collages you want, tap the share button to find the “Copy Link” button. You will have a link to your collage that you can share to anyone anywhere.
Please refer to the image below for further instructions.
Other Q:A 6


4. PicCollage for schools

Thank you for using PicCollage in class!

Here are some information when using PicCollage in school:

1.  Students can use PicCollage without creating an account.

To create a collage, just simply hit the Create tab, and the collages can be saved to device library as well.  Creating/saving collages doesn’t require any account setup.

2.  Students must be 13 years or older to create an account on PicCollage.

On iOS devices, we have School Mode for students under 13 years old.  When the School Mode is ON, students can create and save collages without being able to access any social functions.

To turn on the School Mode, please refer to this article:

For further information, please visit our TOS here:

3.  PicCollage EDU

We also support a student-friendly version of PicCollage. It’s a paid app with access to all the paid content in the free version of PicCollage. It does not offer social features or web search.






5. If I don’t have an account, will my photos be shared with others?

If your collages are only saved to your Library/Gallery without being shared to anywhere else, they are private and won’t be seen by others.

6. [Android] Share photo reminder

On Android, you will see the “Share this photo on PicCollage” reminder after a certain number of photos are taken by the camera.  By tapping on this reminder, you will be able to open PicCollage and start to edit the photo directly.

However, if you want to turn it off:

1. You can tap on the “Don’t ask me again” in the notification
2. Or, you can turn it off from the app Settings -> Share photo reminder -> switch it OFF

7. How to print a collage?

To print out a collage, please tap on the “Print Greeting Cards” options on the Share menu, and place your order!

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    Really need a solution for this please?

    1. Hi there, you should be able to easily widen the text box by putting one finger on each side and pulling outward. This should fix the problem and make it so the text shows up normally.

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      1. “Image cannot be loaded at this time. Choose another image.” I keep getting this message when I try to use some pictures on my camera roll and it’s driving me crazy! Please help me figure this out!

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      1. Hi! To search for transparent images, simply add “transparent” to your search (for example, “donut transparent”) and you should get a lot of options without backgrounds. 🙂 Currently there’s no way to get additional photos in the “Collected” file – sorry about that!

  13. I’ve just downloaded pic collage on my new iPad, and when I search for a web background they all come up as landscape so you don’t get the full background on your page When you select one. Don’t have this problem on my phone app though!


  15. What’s wrong with the web search now? First it was because of Google. Now that it’s Bing I thought it was fixed but almost every search I try it starts to show a variety of images then suddenly disappears and displays the message ” no search results for” whatever it was I was looking for. If I’m really quick and I click on something I can use it in my collage. But I only have a fraction of a second then everything is gone and it’s very frustrating.

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  18. I paid to have the watermark removed (verified charges to my bank account) however the watermark is still there.I selected “I already purchased, please restore” and get “Sorry, we can’t find any purchased items.”
    I’m logged in as myself, exited and relaunched the app but no luck. How can I correct this?

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  21. Hi!!How am i supposed to put a link on PicCollage so that the person i am texting this to can visit the website straight from the collage?

  22. Is there a feature to have multiple and separate text boxes? Or, how can I change the font of certain words?

    1. Hi there! You can have multiple text boxes. Once you are finished with one, simply tap the “+” sign and tap “Text” and this will allow you to start a new text box. While there isn’t a way to edit to font of certain words within a single text box, you can create separate text boxes with different fonts and arrange them however you’d like 🙂

  23. hi how do i got about applying the overlays that are free to my photos, this is an amazing app however i can seem to utilize all of its affects and its driving me crazy.

    1. Hi there, you can easily download any of our free sticker packs and add those to your collage. You can also use the web search tool to search for “Overlays,” “Transparents” or terms like that, and you should see a lot of fun options to add to your collage that way!

  24. Hi, I work with schools that have parents using PicCollage to create half and full-page yearbook ads. We need the ad to a certain size at high resolution (300dpi) in order to print correctly without pixellation. Unfortunately they are too small at the current size and I’m trying to help parents troubleshoot. Is there a way to change settings to specify size or resolution of a collage?

  25. Hello, on my daughters iPhone 4s, Pic Collage stopped working. She will open it, but then it will kick her off the app before she can access anything. Do you know why that might be happening?

  26. Is there an option to upgrade the app as a whole? What I mean by that is pay one time and have watermarks removed and all features unlocked for life, instead of paying for each item individually.

    1. Hi Leah, there’s an option to remove the watermark and remove all ads, which costs $1.99. When you go to share a collage, you will see a button that says “Remove Watermark and Ads”. Tap that button and confirm the $1.99 charge and you will no longer see the watermark or ads. However, there is no option to upgrade to make all sticker packs and backgrounds available. Those must all be purchased separately. Hope this helps!

  27. I’m recent switched from iOS to android and now my purchased stickers or collages are not showing on my account? Any fixes for this?

    1. Hi there, unfortunately purchased items cannot be switched directly. However, you can ask for refund on previous device first and buy those items again on new device. For a refund, Android users can give us their transaction ID to support@piccollage.com and we can refund you directly, while iOS users need to apply through iTunes. We hope this helps! Please send a message here with any further questions! http://bit.ly/1i9MUHP

  28. I’ll try that again. In your description on iTunes under Recent Updates include, it states that you can create a collage in landscape format on your iPad or iPhone. However, I can’t figure out how to do it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jim, sorry for the delayed response, I just saw this message. To create a landscape collage, it would actually just be a manual rotation of your screen to landscape and turning/rotating the images in the direction you would like. We also have a truly-landscape mode editor through our Windows10 app, available for free here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/pic-collage/9nblggh34kdv

      I hope this helps. Thanks for using PicCollage!

  29. What happened to the Web Search feature? I updated my device to a newer version of iOS and now it’s just vanished.

  30. Hello,
    When I add text, and fit it to whatever size I need, the words break apart as a new line is formed. So half the letters from the word are at the end of a line, and the remaining letters are at the beginning of a new line.
    How do I stop words doing this? It looks terrible and is hard to read. Like really hard.

    1. Hi there, please check out this article, which has a lot of info on editing text in PicCollage. Scroll down to the bottom to “How to resize text” and that should help!

  31. Since the App updated there’s no option to print photos. Where has this been moved to? I’ve been through every part of the app and your FAQs (which had no useful information about this). Every option I’ve found is related to sharing and none allows me to print any more.

  32. How can I get a higher chance of being featured? I own an account with 1000 followers and I really want my creations to be featured. Please help 💕

  33. How do we find out if we qualified for the PicCollage Teacher Ambassador program? I completed the application awhile ago but haven´t heard back. Thanks for your help!

  34. How do I delete sticker packs that I don’t want anymore? It’s really taking up my storage space.

  35. I am more than appreciative of Pic Collage. I’ve never been a creative person. I tend to see most things in a linear and organized way. Even when I colored, I always stayed inside the lines. I wanted to exercise my creativity skills. I wanted to find beauty in messy art and loud collages. I wanted to be comfortable thinking outside the box. PC”s supportive community and abundance of resources allowed me to do this. I want to thank you so very much.

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