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  1. I love it! But to bad they can’t make it as a website! That would be sooo AWESOME! Because some people don’t have iPads, iPhones, iPods, or Tablets. It would also be useful if PicCollage could be a website 🙂

  2. I love pic collage and I promise I
    Will enjoy it and also I heared my friends saying there pics are great so I
    Will trie it out and I will post a pic on
    Instagram and telling all of you guys how it is so let’s get started.

    Follow me on my Chanel my Chanel is cloe lol forever 2734 and please subscribe I’m trieing to get to 1000)0000 followers /subscribers 🙂

  3. Please consider making a version for Mac OSX! There is not a single decent collage maker in the OSX app store! They are all awful! We need this on OSX!

  4. thanks to pic collage.. this apps truly help me during our presentation.. such a creative apps.. thanks a lot to the creator..

  5. E veramente bello lo amo ma non posso scaricarlo Pke mi è finita la memori cmq so che è bello Pke la mia bff celo ha

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