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PicCollage is a Top 10 mobile photo app for iOS and Android in the US, UK, Japan, and many other countries.

Quick, fun and easy

Rotate, resize, edit and delete photos using simple, intuitive gestures. Add text, stickers and backgrounds or clip your images with just a few taps and drags.

Import from anywhere

Import photos from your photo library, Facebook and Instagram albums, and photos from the web to create colorful collages of your friends, family or favorite celebrities.

Share to anywhere

Share your creations with others on PicCollage, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your favorite chat app!

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      1. Hi sorry if you are Busy but I have a problem with Pic Collage I just got the new update and no way could you put a text box and I was kind of confused because I always used text boxes and there awesome so please respond to me as quick as you can please help!

  1. Is there any way to figure out exactly what date you started PicCollage? I am just curious and would love to know🙃

    1. Hi Poppy! A remix is where you can take a collage that another user has made and move things around and add your own stickers, copy, etc. You can remix a collage tapping “Remix” in the bottom corner of the collage and then tapping “Tap to Remix.” Hope this helps!

  2. Hi pic collage this is puppyart26 here and I just wanted to ask you if I could get featured on pic collage it would mean so much to me. I hope this doesn’t sound too desperate. Also for me pic collage is crashing a little bit and glitching. I t would be great if u fixed that for me. And lastly I am still getting some video adds and it’s super annoying because they stop my music ( what I listen to while making collages) so if that could stop that would be great. Well, keep up the great work on the app!!

  3. Hello it is perfect-pop you should make an easier way to clip your collages and different shapes it would help thanks

    1. Hi Debbie, you can add videos from Youtube by going to “Web Search” and choosing YouTube from the top menu. Unfortunately you can’t add videos from your device at this time. Hope this helps!

  4. I’ve been using the app for years now and today it kept crashing, and when I went back on it ALL my collages had been deleted. I am extremely upset and want to know if I can get them all back or if this is just a glitch that can be fixed.

    1. Hi there, to print your collage:
      1. Tap share button (bottom-right)
      2. Select “Print and Ship” to print your collage on a custom item (i.e. Phone Cases, Canvas, etc)
      3. Select “Print at Home” to print from your home printer. Please note that your printer needs to be cloud-enabled to print wirelessly from a mobile device.

      You could also email the collage to yourself, save it on your desktop, and print that way. Hope this helps!

    1. To collab you ask a person to collab whwn they say yes, you can start or they can start, strating means you find a photo, amd then they add something and remix it to you, you add something and remix it to them, and sl on, until it is complete and ready to post

  5. Hello! I’m ColorfulCheyy on Pic Collage and I’ve joined Pic Collage since June 2nd and I was wonderinh how do I be Pic Collager of the month?

  6. Hey @picCollage, so I was wondering if this is where you will judge the Olympics part 1… Beacuse it’s been a full week and there is no results…

    1. Hi Jennifer, Once you finish your collage and tap on the Share button, you should see a “Print and Ship” option. This will take you to PhotoBox, where you can create phone cases, greeting cards, posters, and much more with your collages that can be shipped to your home! You can also try the “Print from home” option if you have a wireless printer!

  7. so since that latest update(a couple days ago) my PicCollage has bent really glitchy and keeps crashing. it’s really annoying me and I was just wondering, how do I fix it?

  8. The new update is soooo bad. It doesn’t have the old fonts that I loved. Please get them back😡😞😫☹️😖😡

  9. How do you get your collage featured? It’s my dream so how? On Piccollage I am Littlebunnylover0805 btw.

  10. Hi! On Pic Collage, my account is yasy_101, so if ya can, please follow me. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Pic Collage because I love how nice other people are, and I be the different kinds of collages people make.I ❤️❤️❤️Pic Collage!!!!

  11. Hi! On Pic Collage, my account is yasy_101, so if ya can, please follow me. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Pic Collage because I love how nice other people are, and I be the different kinds of collages people make.I ❤️❤️❤️Pic Collage!!!!

  12. Hi my web search for collages to get pictures hasn’t been working for a few months and because of that I haven’t really been able to use Pic Collage as much as I use to. Can you please help me with this problem? Thanks

  13. Hi I was just wondering if there is a way to see your collages on numerous devices? I have an account but I can online see the collages on the device that they were made on

  14. Hi! My name is dreamy– on piccollage and I was just wondering what it means to voted on a pop page. I’m wondering because a few people have said they voted for me. Also, how do you vote? If you could answer my questions that would be awesome! Thanks!

  15. I am new to the piccollage app and want to know how to upload gif files to make a collage on my iPhone?

    1. Hi there! You can do this two ways. 1) Save the gif you would like to use to your camera roll. Go to your PicCollage and tap the + button. Tap “Photos” and choose the saved gif to add to the collage. 2) Use the Web Search feature within PicCollage and tap “GIFs” under the search bar to search for gifs that you can add to your collage. Hope this helps!

  16. HI, I was wondering if you could feature Ashlynns_Fashions on the popular page she is really nice and has inspired me to do a fashion page even though mine isn’t very good

    1. Can I use the final edited photos (with your background + stickers) for commercial use (i.e. put my logos or watermarks on the pics, ads, promoting, banners, a part of printed products, etc.)?

  17. I recently did an app update. After making my collage, I no longer see a print and ship button. How do I send it as a postcard?

  18. The teachers I support with Technology, love using PicKids with our classrooms. The new stickers and drawing features are great! We are having issues with WebSearch. The School Settings have been turned on but we still get an error message. Any suggestions I can relay to assist our Technology Department would be great.

  19. Hello! I was wondering if you could do a chat on pic collage? It wold be cool ‘cuz you can get ideas from people you follow or your followers.

  20. I realize you make most of your revenue from Pic Collage Kids from the in-app purchases, but apps that teachers use, like Sock Puppets, finally bundled their in-app purchases and charged a higher price and put it in the VPP. You might consider that model at some time. In-app purchases are problematic for schools.

    1. Hi Kathy, thank you so much for your suggestion! We actually made our PicCollage for Kids app $1.99 now (instead of free) bundled with many sticker packs and no watermark. Is that the version you’re talking about?

  21. I have pic collage app on my iPhone then recently downloaded on my iPad. I assumed I would be able to see my collages on both devices with the ability to edit from device to device on same collage. I don’t seem to be able to do that. The collages on my iPhone were not available on my iPad. I could post and then see it but can’t edit it. Is there a way to work on same collage between devices?

    1. Hi Rea, it’s fine with us if you use something created in PicCollage for commercial use, but if there are images in the collage, we recommend you use only images that you own or those that you know are not copywritten, so as not to have any copywrite infringement issues.

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