Document Your Travel Memories with Stunning Photomontages

Picture this. You just got back from an amazing trip and you want to share some of your favorite pictures. But you took over 1,000 of them… There’s no way you can share them all!

Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect solution. Create a photomontage in PicCollage that allows you to highlight your best photos in a creative and unique way! A photomontage lets you cut out, join, and overlay multiple pictures within a single collage for a fun and interesting design that highlights your favorite moments from your trip. Scroll down to see a step-by-step guide to creating a gorgeous photomontage of your latest adventure!

1. Choose Your Background Photos

First, you’ll want to choose your background photos. To pick them, do a quick scroll through your camera roll. Is there a color that stands out or is consistent in your photos? One of our PicCollage team members did this recently to document her trip to Vietnam and noticed a lot of greens in her photos and decided to make that color the base of her collage. 

Pick images that are semi-abstract that you won’t mind covering up. Remember that this is the base of your collage and you’re going to add lots of photos and stickers on top. (Pro tip: images of leaves on the ground, trees, bodies of water, or clouds in the sky are great for this!

2. Dump Photos That Convey The Experience 

Next, go through your photos and add all the ones you want to include in your photomontage. It helps to have all of these photos in a specific album or “favorited” so they are easy to find while scrolling! After adding them all to your collage, organize them by topic. In the photo on the right, we grouped the photos by street scenes, food, and people. 

3. Use Cutout and Other Tools 

Once you’ve grouped your photos and placed them in the general area where you want them, start cropping! Double tap each image and choose the “Cutout” option. You can play around with the Auto tool or the Scissors tool to see which you prefer. Auto works best for distinct figures and shapes (like people, plates of food, animals, etc.), while Scissors is great for more creative shapes or if you want to capture more than a single element in the photo.

4. Arrange It All Together 

Once you’ve cut out all your photos, it’s time to finish the arrangement! Place your images so that they seem to blend together seamlessly. Use smaller cutouts to cover straight borders, giving the photomontage a fluid, effortless look. When you’ve got the design just how you want it, add in letters from our “Alphabet” stickers to title the collage with where the trip was!

What types of photomontages will you create? With so many photos at our disposal, there’s no end to what you can make in PicCollage using this fun and creative technique! And be sure to follow us on social media @piccollage to be the first to hear about new content and pro tips!

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