How To: Design Fun Fall-Themed Digital Collages 

Fall is here! Well, technically it’s here in a few days. But fall vibes are most definitely here and they are in full force. So in honor of the season, we’re sharing a step-by-step guide to creating fun fall-themed collages in PicCollage to help you celebrate and share your favorite moments this autumn.

1. Gather Your Materials

If you’re anything like us, you have lots of photos on your phone. To make your collage creation process as streamlined as possible, we recommend going through your camera roll and adding the images you want to use to your favorites or to a specific album. Then when you’re in PicCollage, you can easily find the photos and add them to your collage. 

2. Select A Collage Style  

So what is a collage, actually? The word comes from the French word “coller,” which means “to glue” or “to stick together,” and it’s a technique of art creation in which the assemblage of different forms creates a new whole. In PicCollage, there are plenty of ways to create different styles of collages. Here we’ve shown how you can present the same event (a fun fall getaway!) in very different and unique styles.

If you like an clean, organized aesthetic, use the Grids in PicCollage to get this look. Just tap “Grids” on the home screen in the app and choose the photos you want to use. PicCollage will automatically show you how your images look in a variety of grid options, so you can choose your favorite! Then pick a seasonal background and add a simple message with classic text. 

For a scrapbook aesthetic, start with blank slate by choosing “Freestyle” on the home screen. Choose a neutral background that will let your images stand out. (For this collage we used a cork board background from the “My Classroom” pack.) Then drop in 5-6 images and add cute stickers. See our video tutorial below!

If you’re a photo fanatic, you’ll love creating a photomontage in PicCollage! To get this look, we recommend choosing a single photo for the background. Pick something semi-abstract that you won’t mind covering up. Remember that this is the base of your collage and you’re going to add lots of photos and stickers on top. (Pro tip: images of leaves on the ground, bodies of water, or clouds in the sky are great for this!) Then add in your photos and use the Cutout tool in the app to crop them exactly how you want. Finally add in some cute stickers to complete the collage. 

3. Arrange the Layout 

For a tutorial on how to add photos and arrange the layout of your scrapbook style collage, check out the videos below!

Arrange Your photos
Crop or cutout photos

4. Add Embellishments

And be sure to get some inspiration on adding stickers to your collage to really make it pop!

Add stickers behind photos
Embellish with seasonal stickers

What style of collage will you create this autumn? Tell us in the comments or tag us on Instagram! And be sure to follow us on social media @piccollage to be the first to hear about new content and pro tips!

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