Celebrate Dogust with PicCollage (Part 2)

As we continue our celebration of Dogust and get closer to International Dog Day on August 26th, we wanted to highlight some more of the pups on the PicCollage team! This week, we talk with two of our team members about how they use our app to share their favorite photos of their furry friends and celebrate them all year long. Scroll down to learn more about Liyu and Kerwin, and their pups Bubu and Whisky!

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What is Bubu’s favorite thing and a hidden talent?

Liyu: “He is a yogurt lover same as me! His favorite game is playing Peekaboo with us at home, I swear he never tires of this!” For his hidden talent, “this may come as no surprise since he’s a Border-collie… He tends to herd people, kids, or even other dogs! He likes to keep us in a crowd and is constantly checking nobody is getting lost.” 

When was the last time you used PicCollage to share some Bubu love?

Liyu: “After his first birthday! (It’s June 19th, so just a few months ago) I love how many templates PicCollage has, it meant I could send everyone a birthday collage after the party in a style I knew they’d love!”

Next up we have Whisky… tell us more about him? What is his special talent?

Kerwin: “Well, here’s his passport! (Made in PicCollage, of course) Whisky is a one and a half year old ‘Goldendoodle’ – that’s 50% Golden Retriever, 50% Poodle, 100% adorable. Whisky is a love sponge and an attentive, shy animal. His special talent is that he’s as far removed from a wild wolf as possible – until he starts growling during a game of tug of war.”

How does PicCollage help you show off your best pictures of Whisky?

Kerwin: “The grid function is invaluable… I take a *lot* of photos of my dog. PicCollage lets me put so many videos and photos into one frame and stops me completely spamming the family chat.”

There you have it! A few super simple and adorable ways to highlight your favorite photos of your dog this Dogust! We hope that this post has inspired you to create some cute cards and collages using PicCollage. Head to the app now to check out all of our canine content to celebrate your four-legged friends!

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