2023 June Holiday Calendar

Summer is finally here, bringing better weather, longer days and an array of colors along with it! We love highlighting special days throughout the year and June is bursting with several occasions to celebrate and commemorate. Whether you’re looking to showcase your Pride parade pics or get creative this Father’s Day, PicCollage has you covered. Scroll on to see what’s coming up and how we’re sharing the summer joy!

Pride Month

June is – of course – Pride month, making it officially the most colorful month of the year! We have rainbow-colored templates, stickers and backgrounds galore, in every style imaginable. Our “groovy-pride” background below is particularly popular- perfect to show off pride and style. Browse our “Pride” category to find a plethora of templates ready to condense all those Pride snaps down into a manageable pile.

6/8 – National Best Friend’s Day

We can’t think of a day much better than Best Friend’s Day! With PicCollage you can create a fantastic collage just for them, highlighting all of your favorite memories together. These unique photo slots make for a modern, eye-catching collage that your bestie is sure to love. You can also use our text feature to add a personal message – or even add a whole extra page with our ‘Pages’ feature when you’re running out of room!

6/12 – Valentine’s Day (Brazil) 

Over in Brazil it’s time for the season of love, with Brazilian Valentines Day falling on June 12th. It’s a day where couples come together and reveal and celebrate their affection for one another. What better than a customized collage, to express how much your partner means to you? We especially love a template with some special, heart-shaped photo-slots to really get the message across! Head on over to the “Love” template category and pick your choice!

6/18 – Father’s Day 

Dads, stepdads, granddad’s, dog dads – we’re celebrating all the father figures you can think of on June 19th. Make them feel loved and appreciated by finding those special photos and crafting a personalised card for them this Father’s Day. We have a wide variety of “Father’s Day” template categories to help you find the style and tone that’s right for you, from funny to sentimental and everything in between. You’re bound to find something that speaks to their heart.  

6/19 – Juneteenth

Juneteenth is the commemoration of the emancipation of enslaved people in America. It’s an occasion to celebrate the unwavering resilience and strength demonstrated by Black communities throughout history. If you want to show your support or how you’re celebrating, creating a poster or collage is an excellent way to do so. Browse through our”Juneteenth” template category and select a design that speaks to you.

6/21 – Summer Solstice

The official arrival of summer is welcomed by the longest day of the year on the ‘Summer Solstice.’ Our ‘Summer’template category has an array of designs that radiate warmth and joy. Gather those beach day snaps and show them off at once using one of our gorgeous templates. However you are spending those extra-long summer days – share your summer collage with us on social media! We love seeing what everyone gets up to.

6/21 – International Yoga Day 

International Yoga Day is a day to celebrate the practice and benefits of yoga worldwide. Combining your best yoga pose photos with some of our backgrounds using ‘Freestyle’ is a great way to record your practice. Whether you’re a yogi novice or pro, download our new “Body, Mind, and Spirit” background and start documenting your yoga journey!

6/28 – Eid Al Adha Begins 

We round the month off with ‘Eid al-Adha’. Eid al-Adha is an important Muslim celebration that symbolizes sacrifice, humility, and devotion. Families come together to share nourishing meals, exchange gifts, and extend acts of charity. Mark this special occasion with a custom made card, found in our “Islamic Holidays” template category. 

All in all, June has a lot going on! We can’t wait to see those summer snaps and Pride parade photo dumps – it’s certainly shaping up to be a colorful month. What are you looking forward to most as peak summer season arrives? Don’t forget to follow along with us on Instagram with @piccollage, and share your creations with using the hashtag #mypiccollage

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