Father’s Day Cards for Dad’s of all Personalities

Making the perfect card for Father’s Day can be a challenge – how do you make something that’s super meaningful, personal, and perfect for him? We know, your dad will love any card that comes from you – but that doesn’t mean you want to phone it in. You want to make something he’ll cherish forever! Luckily we’ve got tons of ways to create the perfect card for any dad, no matter his personality. Scroll down to see how you can create an amazing card for any type of dad.

Fun Loving Dads 

For the fun loving dad who’s a bit goofy and loves to laugh, you can create something a little quirky. We have tons of great stickers and backgrounds in PicCollage to help you set the tone of your card. Make it perfect by adding a sweet message and some fun pictures – candid photos encouraged! 

Collage on left: Background: My Classroom | Stickers: Dad’s Best Puns | Fonts: Barrio and Singleton
Collage on right: Background: Dear Dad | Font: Circus

Outdoorsy and Adventurous Dads

For the dad who loves the great outdoors, be sure to check out our fun templates and backgrounds that celebrate nature and being out in the wild! Add a photo of you and dad hiking, camping, or fishing to make it perfect.

Collage on left: Background: Autumn Adventure | Stickers: Adventure Badge | Fonts: Farmyard
Collage on right: Background: Gone Fishing | Font: Thirsty Rough

DIY Dad 

For the dad who’s always fixing something around the house or making sure the lawn is looking perfect, make a card that highlights his DIY dexterity! Take a look at our backgrounds and templates that celebrate his skills around the house and add in a few photos of him hard at work!

Collage on left: Background: Dad’s Toolbox | Stickers: Rad Dad | Fonts: Olive Slab
Collage on right: Template Category: Father’s Day

Sporty Dad 

For the dad who loves any and all sports, make a card that celebrates his role as a champion dad. From adorable #1 Dad templates to cute, sporty backgrounds, you’ll be able to find the the content you need to celebrate his sporty side. 

Collage on left: Template Category: Father’s Day
Collage on right: Background: World’s Best Dad | Font: Sunrise

Awesome Dad 

For the dad who is a man of many talents and an all around awesome dad, it can be especially hard to make the perfect card. How can you choose just one thing to focus on?? Luckily we have tons of content in PicCollage to help you make a card he’ll love, no matter what his favorite hobbies are. Music? Check. Gaming? Check. Hanging out with you? Check! Head to the app to find the perfect template or background to celebrate this Renaissance man!

Collage on left: Top – Template Category: Father’s Day | Bottom – Background: Retro Music | Font: Peachy
Collage on right: Template Category: Father’s Day

What category does your dad fall under? What type of card will you be making him this year? Be sure to follow along on Instagram @piccollage and tag us so we can see how you‘re using the app to share your most heartfelt messages this year!

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