Creative Ways To Use The Curve Text Feature In PicCollage

One of our favorite new features in PicCollage is Curve Text. This fun and easy tool allows you to, as the name suggests, curve your text to frame photos, add unique headlines, and even create logos! Scroll down to see a few creative ways to use Curve Text in your next collage.

Baby/Pet Announcements 

When you’re creating an announcement to welcome a new family member, chances are you’ll want a photo (or photos) to be the focal point. Draw attention to the images by adding curved text that wraps around the photo or draws the eye to the picture you’re highlighting.

Collage on left: “Joyful” backgrounds with King Basil and Lora fonts. Steps: Insert photo and choose layout shape. Search web image “white background” add and drag to bottom. Add text and curve. 

Collage on right: “Bridal Glitz” backgrounds with Thirsty Rough and Playfair fonts and “Live Love Woof” stickers. Steps: Insert photos and add border. Insert stickers and text + curve. 

Birthday Cards and Invitations

Give your birthday cards and party invites a professional touch with curved text that draws attention to the person you’re celebrating! Whether it’s a simple “Happy Birthday” framing an image, or a headline above the person’s name, curved text just adds that little extra something that takes the design to the next level.

Business Profile Photo

Depending on your logo, you may need to do a bit of editing to make it profile-ready. Luckily, you can use curve text to include your business name perfectly around the edge of circular profile photos!

Collage on left: Personal photo used for background. Web image “pink background” → cutout circle. Lettering Delight, Florancia, and Denver fonts. “Floristry line art” stickers.

Collage on right: Background of white. Web image “circle outline transparent png.” Denver and Oswald fonts. “Boho Home Decor” stickers

Save The Dates

Curve text is also a great addition to save the dates for your wedding.  Check out this Reel on Instagram to see how Amelia on our marketing team is using it for her wedding prep!

How will you use Curve Text? We hope these easy examples have inspired you to make something fun and creative using this new tool! Be sure to follow along on social at @piccollage for tips, tricks, and first looks at new releases.

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