Mother’s Day Inspo From The Mother-Daughter Duo Behind “Willow’s Diner”

This year for Mother’s Day, we had the greatest pleasure of collaborating with Willow – of ‘Willow’s Diner’ fame – and her amazing family! We sat down with Sarah: Willow’s mom and the creative expert behind their social media accounts. Sarah gave us a behind the scenes look at our collaboration and we quizzed mom and daughter about their fave features in our app!

1) We can see that Willow became quite an expert at using PicCollage during this collaboration! How easy was it to use the iPad to make these collages together?

Sarah: “She picked up on it shockingly fast. Within the first 30 minutes of using it she knew how to tap on Freestyle, pick the backgrounds, add the photos and stickers, and save the image. Really the only thing she needed help with was picking the correct photo album from my phone since I take so many pictures and videos! It was fun putting them together and helping her find the exact stickers she had in mind. “

2) As you explain in your videos, Willow was our official ‘Creative Director’ on this special Mother’s Day sticker pack, ‘Fun with Mom’ – so what’s mom’s favorite sticker in the pack – and what’s Willow’s?!

Sarah: “They’re all so cute! I think my favorite is the chef hat. Very versatile and fun to put on photos! Willow definitely got the most excited over the cookie.”

Sticker Pack: Fun with Mom

3) It’s obvious from watching your many ‘draw together’ videos that you’re a very creative family! What’s a useful tool in PicCollage that you found yourself using a bunch?

Sarah: “I personally loved the cutout photo tool because it was like making little stickers out of our photos! Willow found the doodle tool all on her own and definitely had the most fun doodling on everything she could!”

4) Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Do you guys have any special plans? How do you usually celebrate?

Sarah “I just like to take it easy! I’d much rather stay home and sleep in than go do anything. Napping is probably my #1 request on Mother’s Day.”

5) This year at PicCollage, we’ve been focussing on the theme of gratitude’ for Mother’s Day. What’s one thing you’d like to thank each other for? 

Sarah: “I would thank Willow for making me laugh everyday. Willow says she’d thank me for cake and puppies.”

Reel from @saruh2themax

Cake and puppies are certainly two excellent things to be thanked for. We are so happy to be working with Sarah, Willow and their amazing family! Be sure to follow along on social at @piccollage for tips, tricks, and first looks at new releases smiling face with heart-eyes

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