How To Make The Perfect New Baby Card

Few things in life are as exciting as welcoming a new baby. So, of course, it’s the perfect time to make a celebratory card! Whether you want to create something sweet and simple, something sentimental, or something silly, you’ll be able to do it in PicCollage! Scroll down to see how you can use the app to make a new baby card that the recipients will cherish forever.


Sometimes you can just keep it super simple. New parents have a ton on their plates – a short and sweet card can be the perfect way to share your joy. Add some short text and a few cute stickers and you’ll be good to go. For something even simpler, find a single sticker pack that can be used to create the entire card!

Left: simple text + stickers

Right: all stickers to make a card 


For a message that will bring a tear to their eyes (in a good way!), choose a heartfelt quote that expresses how wonderful it is to have this little one in the world. Use a beautiful background and add some adorable stickers as a finishing touch!


New parents are overwhelmed. They’re tired, they’re joyful, they’re stressed. And they could use a good laugh. Make a card that will make them chuckle by using our playful fonts and stickers!

Baby Boy/Baby Girl 

If you want something pre-made, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re making a card for a baby boy or a baby girl, you’ll be able to find beautiful templates waiting for you in the app!

No matter what style of new baby card you’re looking to make, we’ve got the tools you need to create it. Be sure to follow along on social at @piccollage for tips, tricks, and first looks at new releases! 

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