Lunar New Year Greetings 2023

The Year of the Rabbit is almost upon us and we’re thrilled to be celebrating a year symbolizing longevity, positivity, and prosperity! In addition to some classic Lunar New Year greetings, we’ve created some “earresistible” puns inspired by the rabbit character to use in your messages and collages. Scroll down to see some of our favorite celebratory LNY greetings!

新年快樂 – Happy New Year

Head to the “Lunar New Year” template category to find this stunning red-and-gold design and customize the copy with your own message!

恭喜發財 – Wishing you wealth and prosperity

Share wishes for an abundant year by using the “Red Envelope” background as your base. Add your message in English, Chinese, or both!

福兔迎祥 – The lucky rabbit brings good fortune

The Year of the Rabbit promises good fortune. Use our adorable “Year of the Rabbit Festivals” stickers to spread wishes of prosperity!

兔飛猛進 – Advance by leaps and bounds like a rabbit

Leap towards your biggest goals this year! Make like a rabbit and hop on over to the app to see all the fun Lunar New Year content we’ve created and make an inspirational greeting like this one.

兔來運轉 – In the year of the Rabbit, things will change for the better

Expect good luck and auspiciousness this year. We love adding this cute postcard sticker and using handwriting fonts to share your message. (And of course, don’t forget to add the rabbit stamp!)

What are some of your favorite Lunar New Year greetings? Be sure to follow along on social media and tag @piccollagewith your Year of the Rabbit creations! 

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