Say “Thanks,” “Gracias,” or “Merci” On International Thank You Day

Two little words can have a big impact on your day – “thank you.” This simple show of appreciation can not only make the recipient feel great, studies have shown that showing gratitude actually makes you happier as well. It’s a win-win! So for International Thank You Day on January 11th, we’re sharing some cute ways to express your thanks in lots of different languages! Scroll down to get inspired.

English: Thank You

This sleek thank you card looks super professional, but is really simple to make. Just choose your favorite font (“YesevaOne” is shown here) and duplicate your copy of choice. To get this fade effect, double tap each piece of copy and adjust the saturation.

Spanish: Gracias

We love these colorful “Diademas Florales” stickers paired with our VIP “Sunshine” font to say “Gracias” to someone you’re grateful for.

French: Merci

How fun is this free font “Rastenoba”? When making a card to say “Merci,” layer this font over an image of the Eiffel Tower for the ultimate French look. (Pro tip: use our “Web Image” search feature to find the perfect image, like we did here for the Eiffel Tower!)

German: Danke (dahn-kah)

Share your gratitude with German speakers with a “Danke” card! We used the free “Yeseva One” font paired with this fun sticker from the “Fußball in Deutschland” pack.

Mandarin: 謝謝 (Xie Xie)

We’ve got lots of Chinese fonts grouped under “中文” category in our font options – just be sure to update to the latest version of the app to access them! Fun fact: these fonts work for English too! And they’re free smiling face with heart-eyes 

Japanese: ありがとう (Arigatou)

Say ありがとう (or “Arigatou”) with these fun Japanese fonts! Update to the latest version of PicCollage to use them. As with the Mandarin fonts, these also work for English!

No matter how you’re saying “thanks” this International Thank You Day, we’ve got fun ways for you to show your gratitude. Be sure to follow along on social media and tag  @piccollage with your Thank You cards, posts, and greetings!

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