2023 Photo Tips

In this blog, we’ll share some tips on making your 2023 photos look the best! Here at PicCollage, many of us have been resolving to take better pictures in 2023. Luckily, we’ve just had the pleasure of collaborating with creator Lydia Rowl – queen of hairclips and curator of her family’s amazing OOTDs! We are in love with her beautiful Instagram feed and we were so excited to see what she would make in our app. 

Scroll down to hear some of her top tips on getting the most out of your precious personal snaps in 2023!

Professional Photos on a Budget

Q: What’s your top tip for getting polished photos?

A: I like to use a clear backdrop. It could be a white wall, an ironed bedsheet – or colored card, you don’t need to spend lots of money on fancy backdrops. I use Lightroom and apply the same preset filter to almost all of my pics to keep some consistency on my grid. I like to use high whites and vibrance to make my images pop.

Be Unique

Q: How do you make your photos stand out from the crowd?

A: I am inspired by the seasons – and love to get creative. In summer, funky sunglasses always! In autumn I like to get creative with leaves and acorns. In winter, it’s all about tinsel and baubles! The most important thing is to have fun and create the art you love and want to see! Create your own props, I love using cardboard as a cheap and easy DIY.

Tap here to get this template!

Looking Back

Q: What makes a great retrospective post? What should we be considering to make sure our ‘look back at 2023’ posts look their best?

A: I love to re-create images from previous years, and watch the kiddies grow. E.g a pumpkin patch photo every year. It’s amazing to capture them in the same spot and see how much they’ve changed. I also always make sure I take a series of birthday pictures of each of my children every year, I love to look back on these. Don’t forget to get in the frame with your kids too, those are the photos they’ll want to see when they’re grown.

Making Memories

Q: What is your favorite thing about documenting your family’s looks through the years?

A: I just love to capture them as they grow (it goes too fast!), from being little ones in my arms to being ready for big school! I also love knowing I will have a beautiful album to show them when they’re bigger! I hope my images capture how much I love them and how beautiful a journey motherhood is!

Using ‘Pages’

Q: What’s your favorite template currently in our app?

A: I love this ‘Pages’ template – perfect for end of year reviews and collating all your favorite images into one beautiful clip to look back on.

I think you’ll agree, Lydia and her family’s photos are absolutely beautiful! Download PicCollage today and share your 2022 retrospective collages with us. 

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