Fun Ideas To Stay On Top of 2023 Goals & Resolutions

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to get organized, set some goals, and think about your dreams. Whether you’re planning your days and months, or you’re setting big goals and resolutions, we’ve got the tools in PicCollage to help you get there. Scroll down to see how you can use the app to get ready for 2023!


Want to make a calendar that you’ll love looking at each day? With PicCollage, the design possibilities are endless! To create your own, head to the app and search for the “spiral calendar 2023 Calendar” template category. Here, we selected one of the free calendar templates, played around with the background, and added photos and stickers to customize the design!


If you’re serious about getting through your to-do list, it helps to have a planner that you like! We’ve got tons of templates for daily and weekly planners to help you set your goals, outline your schedule, and prepare for your upcoming tasks. Just head to the app and search for “Planner” in the template category to browse all the options.

Vision Board

One of our favorite new year rituals is to make a vision board for what we want to achieve and experience in the coming year. For 2023, try it for yourself! For something quick and easy, head to the “New Years” template category in the app to find designs where you just need to drop in a few photos. 

If you want to start from scratch, try this:

  • Choose your desired canvas size.
  • Add the photos you want to highlight and double tap to add a border to give the polaroid effect.
  • To make your text really pop, add a background color to contrast with the background of the collage itself.
  • Add stickers that represent your goals for the year! (Pro tip: our “New Years Goals” stickers are great for this!)
  • Print out or set as your background so you see it often!

New Year Resolutions 

Many people use the start of the year as a time for reflection and new beginnings. If you’re creating specific resolutions for 2023, why not make a list of your goals that you can set as a phone background to keep them top of mind? Start with a 9:16 canvas size (Story size) and create a collage that inspires you! Or, for something a bit simpler, search for “NewYear’s Resolutions” in the template category to see the great ready-made options we have available!

We look forward to seeing all the fun things you’re make in 2023! Be sure to follow along on social media and tag @piccollage with your 2023 goals and resolutions! 

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