4 Last-Minute Christmas Cards Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner, but it’s still not too late to make your holiday cards! With PicCollage you can make a beautiful, festive card in seconds, allowing you to spend your time celebrating with loved ones. Because that’s what the season is really all about, isn’t it? So scroll down to see 4 super simple last-minute Christmas card ideas that you can make in the app today.

Freestyle Cards

If you like to start from scratch and let your creativity run wild, create a Freestyle card. We recommend adding your most festive photo and then choosing a single sticker pack to accent it. (Each sticker pack in PicCollage is curated, and the stickers are designed to look great when you use multiple stickers from a single pack!)

For the photo, you can use our cutout tool to quickly crop the picture using your finger. To bring the photo to the front of the collage and layer stickers behind it, just double tap the picture and tap the “Front” button.

You can also try out our fun holiday shape cutouts and pair them with a similar sticker pack. In the collage below, we’ve used the ornament cutout which looks adorable with the ornament shapes of the “Christmas Baubles” sticker pack.

Favorite Photo on Background

If you have a favorite holiday photo that you want to highlight this year, give it a festive twist with one of our beautiful holiday backgrounds. To add some white space for your message, use the Web Image tool and search “White Rectangle.” Once you’ve added it to your collage, position your photo and add your text!

Last-Minute Christmas Card Ideas
Background Pack: Matisse Christmas (VIP)
Font: Danielle Harris (VIP)


For the absolute easiest option, choose one of our premade templates! All you need to do is add a photos or two and you have a beautiful holiday card that’s ready to be posted, printed, or sent via email. Check out our Last Minute Christmas Cards For Every Style post for lots of fun options! 

Non-Photo Holiday Cards

Some years, you just forget to take a holiday photo. If 2022 was one of those years (no judgment from us!) you can still make a stunning holiday card without a picture. Set your canvas size to “Card” and play around with bold, eye-catching fonts and festive backgrounds to create a unique holiday card that friends and family will love to receive. 

Free Fonts: “Yeseva One” and “Homemade Apple”
Free Fonts: “Thirsty Rough” and “Eczar”

Which of these quick Christmas cards will you be making? Be sure to follow along on Instagram @piccollage and tag us so we can see how you‘re using the app to make your most creative last minute cards and greetings in the app!

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