Cute Halloween Cards For Every Style

Ok, we may have gone a bit overboard this Halloween… We designed over 200 templates for you to choose from this year flushed face (We’ve told you that we love this holiday!) Whether you are going for a retro look, boho vibes, or just want to make a classic card, we’ve got any style you could want. Just head to our “Halloween” template category in the app! But first scroll down for a few of our favorite styles.


If you’re feeling nostalgic this year, try out one of our retro templates, perfect for reminiscing about past Halloweens and celebrating this one! We love how many photo slots this template has – it will make it a little easier to narrow down your favorites!


Add some extra magic to your Halloween with a mystical template. Show your witchy ways with one of our enchanting cards. (We recommend watching Practical Magic to get inspired!)


We love some Boho (or should we say BOO-ho) vibes on Halloween! Ditch dark colors and try out a template with light oranges, creams, pinks and browns instead. 


Who says sparkly can’t be spooky? We love this fun glitter template with adorable ghosts. If you decide to go with this template, you can move the ghosts around, change their size, and even animate them!

Black & White

This black and white Halloween party invite is giving us chills in the best way. And when you use a black and white photo? Perfection. If you’re throwing a party this year, look no further than this invite template.

Classic Orange and Black

If you’re going for a classic look, it doesn’t get any better than orange and black! This adorable orange template with spiderweb detail is a perfect option to highlight your favorite trick or treating moments!

Which spooky style is your favorite? Whatever you decide to go with, be sure to share on social and tag us @piccollage so we can see your bewitching designs!

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