Cute Digital Halloween Craft Ideas

Who’s excited for Halloween? person raising hand If you’re anything like us, you’ve been prepping for October 31st for a while – costumes, decorations, candy runs, etc. But there are still a few important things in the digital realm that you don’t want to forget about! Luckily with PicCollage, all of the tools you need to perfect your final Halloween essentials are right at your fingertips. Scroll down for a few ways you can use the app in your spooky celebrations. 

Fun Halloween Fonts 

We have a bunch of fonts that are just perfect for any digital or printed cards or collages you’ll be making. Whether you’re looking for something cute and creepy or something more ominous, you’ll be able to find it in the app. 

Adorable Invitations

There’s no better way to get people hyped for your Halloween bash than with an invitation that sets the tone. In PicCollage, you can start from scratch and create an invite using our Halloween backgrounds and stickers or you can use one of our ready-made templates as your base. See three of favorite templates below!

Devilishly Delicious Halloween Treats 

Do you have a delicious spooky snack that you make every year? Use PicCollage to create a recipe card so others can get in on the fun this year and satisfy their sweet tooth! 

Spooky Social Media Stories

Use our seasonal content to make your social media stories pop. Just be sure to set your canvas size to 9:16 and then go crazy with photos and stickers! For something more structured, check out all the options in the Templates category.

Spotify Playlist Cover

Have a Halloween playlist that the world needs to hear? Make sure it has the perfect Spotify cover. Head to this blog post to learn to make one yourself or just save one of the options we’ve created below!

What digital Halloween crafts will you be making this year? Whatever you come up with, be sure to tag us @piccollage so we can see your enchanting designs!

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