3 Fast + Easy Photos Crops In PicCollage 

We love the look of photos cropped into fun shapes – what an eye-catching way to highlight your favorite photos and make your designs stand out. In PicCollage, all of our photo editing options, including photo cropping, are always free, and they couldn’t be easier to use! Scroll down to learn how to use the app to quickly and easily crop your photos into circles, stars, hearts and so much more.

How To Access Our Photo Cutout Feature

  1. Open PicCollage.
  2. Start a Freestyle collage.
  3. Add the photo you want to crop. 
  4. Double tap the photo.
  5. Tap the “Cutout” icon.
  6. Scroll left at the bottom of the screen to see our many shape options!

Circle Cutout Shape
Stickers: “Autumn Shapes 2”

The circle cutout is one of the most popular, as it really draws your eye to the subject of a photo. It’s perfect for profile photos, and we love the juxtaposition of more abstract forms in the background.

Photo Frame Cutout Shape
Background: “My Classroom”
Stickers: “Scrapbook Essentials”

We love this shape for family photos and postcards. It’s clean and classic, but the indented corners give it that extra bit of visual interest.

Zigzag Cutout Shape
Background: “Abstract Watercolor”
Stickers: “Summer Strokes”

This bold shape will make any photo really pop! When paired with a bold background like the one here, your collage will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Head over to PicCollage to see all the fun shapes available in the app. Whatever look you’re going for, we’ve got the crop to help you make the perfect collage. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more tips and tricks, and tag us at @piccollage so we can see what all the fun things you create. Simply tap the button below to head to the app and start cropping!

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