Artist Corner: Laura Heine

We’re lucky to have so many amazing designers working with PicCollage to create the beautiful designs in the app. This week, we sit down with artist Laura Heine, the illustrator behind many of our stickers and background packs, including “Magical Florals,” “Vintage Crowns,” and “Royal Wallpaper.” Learn about what she wanted to be when she was a kid, her love of Harry Potter, and what influences her style.

What’s your favorite color?

That is such a hard question! I think everything is better if it’s colorful and I can hardly decide on a favorite color. It changes often but at the moment I would say pink and royal blue. Oh and orange is great, too.

What job did you want when you were a kid?

I grew up reading Harry Potter so I always wanted to be a witch. When that seemed a bit unrealistic I wanted to be a florist, I’ve always loved flowers. In the end, I became a UX designer and illustrator drawing a lot of flowers, close enough I’d say.

What’s your favorite thing you have drawn?

I have a drawing of Hogwarts that is hanging in our living room which I love a lot. I also drew the lighthouse of my favorite place and got it tattooed on my arm. Both of these drawings are very different than everything else I usually draw but they mean a lot to me because of what they represent.

We noticed your stickers are centered around crowns and flowers. Why that combination?

Flowers are something I’ve always loved. I love that they come in so many colors and shapes. And crowns remind me of the queens and fairies of the fantasy books that shaped and inspired me as a teenager. Also drawing flower crowns always makes me nostalgic because my sister and I used to make them in my parent’s garden.

What’s the most important thing that has influenced your style?

Nature is always my biggest inspiration when I look for what to draw. Besides that growing up in an artist’s family made me love different materials like pencils, crayons, oil paint, and gouache, which influences my digital drawings as well.

If you love Laura’s work as much as we do (read: a LOT) head over to the app to download her content packs and give her a follow on Instagram! In PicCollage go to the “search” tab and just type “Laura” to see all her work. And be sure to follow us on Instagram as well to learn more about all our amazing artists!

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