5 Fun Back To School Projects With PicCollage

It’s back-to-school season, which means lots of planning, supply runs, and hectic mornings. We’ve put together a number of fun school projects that you can do with your little ones to get ready for the year and to make heading back to the classroom more fun. Scroll down to see the five creative ways you can use PicCollage as we head into the new school year.

DIY Bookmarks

Make reading assignments more fun with personalized bookmarks! Let kids create their own bookmarks and express their creativity with PicCollage. Here’s how: 

  • Choose the 9:16 canvas size
  • Add fun stickers, background, and text 
  • Print and enjoy!
Stickers: “Learning is Fun”

Homemade Name Stickers 

Who doesn’t love stickers? Make them even more fun by creating personalized stickers at home for your little one or your students! Try this PicCollage pro hack:

To make the collage:

  • Create a collage with the name you want to feature and save it to your device
  • Start a from Freestyle and add the collage you just saved
  • Double tap the image → Choose “Cutout” → Choose the circle option
  • Save to your device

To print the stickers: 

  • Export the final design to your computer
  • Put the design on blank document using any computer application/program
  • Add adhesive paper to the printer (using most inkjet or laser printers should be fine)
  • Print and stick!
Font: “Barrio”
Background: “Cozy Cats”

Homework Tracker 

Make homework more fun with a cute homework tracker that students can fill out at home with their parents. Not only does it make it easier for them to keep track of what they need to do, but they’ll get a sense of accomplishment when they can check off each of their to-dos! Head to the Template category in PicCollage and search “Planner” to find lots of fun options to help little ones monitor their tasks. 

First Day Of School Collage 

It’s so fun to see how much littles ones grow over the course of a school year. Create a collage to celebrate the first day of school and then back it up to the cloud using our Cloud Storage feature. At the end of the year, you can go back and find it easily to create a first/last day of school comparison.

Background: “Notebook Papers”
Stickers: “Crafter’s Colorful Alphabets”

DIY Keychain 

Make a personalized keychain to add some flair to backpacks or house keys! You can order clear plastic keychains in different shapes and then make a fun collage to fit the shape you’ve chosen. Print, cut it out, and then simply slide into the keychain for a fun back to school trinket.

How will you use PicCollage for back to school projects? Be sure to follow along on Instagram to see how other users are creating fun, creative content for the classroom!

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