Fun New Font-Focused Templates

Isn’t it amazing how a beautiful font can completely change the look of a design? Times New Roman is great, but sometimes you need something special to really make your design pop. We have tons of amazing fonts to choose from in PicCollage, but sometimes it can be nice when font pairings are pre-selected for you! You can pick a template, fill in the blanks, and – voilà – have a beautiful card or collage in seconds!

We’ve recently created new content in PicCollage to help you do just that. Just head to the Template category and search for “Font Inspiration” to see all the fun options to choose from. Scroll down to see how to use them, as well as a few examples to help inspire you!

Free Fonts: “Garden Flower” and “Wild Youth”

VIP Fonts: “Buttercup” and “Delicious”

Free Fonts: “Gabriela” 

Free Fonts: “Dawning New Day”; “Amatic SC”; “Impact Label”

Free Fonts: “Poppins” and “Thirsty Rough”

Which of these font pairings templates are you loving the most? Be sure to follow along on Instagram and tag us so we can see your creations!

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