Artist Corner: Collyn Wooden

Do you ever wonder where all the fun art in PicCollage comes from? In addition to our in-house design team, we’ve got an army of amazing freelance artists and designers who create the stickers, backgrounds, and card templates our users love. This week, we sit down with artist Collyn Wooden, the illustrator and graphic designer behind many of our stickers, background patterns, and templates in the app. Learn about how she got into design, how she gets the creative juices flowing, and where she finds inspiration!

How did you get started in designing?

I’ve always known I wanted to be an artist when I grew up so I studied graphic design in college. I became a designer at an advertising agency straight out of school, then about a year ago I transitioned to freelancing and I’ve been doing that ever since! 🙂 Every day is different and I love creating and learning something new every day. 

What would you do if you’re stuck and have no inspiration?

A change of scenery always helps with this! It can be as easy as having coffee at a new place or going on a walk in nature. I also love listening to podcasts like Creative Pep Talk or listening to new music!  For me it’s all about getting out of your daily routine and doing things you don’t always do that helps keep the creative energy flowing! 

Your art is beautiful! Where do you get the ideas for what you want to draw?

Thank you so much! smiling face with hearts I get inspired by so many different things! One of my favorite ways to get fresh ideas and get out of creative ruts is by playing around with new styles that I’ve never tried before! I also love exploring other artists work to learn more about what other creatives are doing! 

What is your proudest creation?

That’s such a tough question! Truthfully I’m not sure if I can pinpoint one proudest piece as I always try each day to create something I’m more proud of than the last! Overall my favorite works are the ones that can make a positive impact on someone’s life! 

If you love Collyn’s work as much as we do (read: a LOT) head over to the app to download her content packs and give her a follow on Instagram! In PicCollage go to the “search” tab and just type “Collyn” to see all her work! And be sure to follow us on Instagram as well to learn more about all our amazing artists!

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