Easy Animated Birthday Card Ideas

Picture this: there’s an important birthday coming up in your life (think BFF, parent, sibling – you get the idea). You need a card that is going to really stand out and make their day. You could head to the card aisle of your local store and find a cute card, but you want something a bit more personalized. We’ve got the perfect solution. We recently launched animated birthday cards in PicCollage and we have all the tools you need to create a birthday message they’ll watch again and again. Making a free, personalized card has never been easier. Scroll down to see a few of our favorite ways to add some animation to your birthday greetings! 

(Not seeing the animated birthday content in the app? Make sure to update to the newest version of PicCollage!)

Use Fun GIF Stickers

Want to add a fun pop of animation to your card? We have lots of GIF stickers that are the perfect addition to a birthday greeting. Our “Happy You Day” pack is one of our faves!

Create A Video Greeting Card 

We have tons of animated birthday templates as well. Just head to the “Template” category in the app and search “Birthday” to see all the cute cards available. Simply add your favorite photo or video to create a card that is completely unique! 

See a card you love but it’s not animated? No problem! At the bottom of the screen, scroll to “Animation” and you can choose from more than 10 types of animations to give your card a little movement!

Use One Of Our Favorite Templates!

We know, there are a lot of template options to choose from. To help you narrow things down, we’ve compiled a few of our favorites. Whether you’re looking for something colorful, classy, bold, or minimal, we’ve got an animated template to help you craft the perfect card.

We hope you love these animated birthday templates and stickers as much as we do! And fun fact:  our birthday is coming up on July 13! Be sure to follow along on Instagram to celebrate along with us! 

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