Creative Ways To Use PicCollage This 4th of July

July 4th is fast approaching and, as one of the biggest holidays in the US, it’s common to celebrate with fireworks, flags and barbecues. Whether you’re throwing a patriotic party, making a red, white, and blue recipe, or having a big holiday sale for you business, PicCollage has everything you need to make the perfect invite or greeting. Scroll down for a few ideas to inspire you!

BBQ Party Invite

Nothing says “4th of July” like a BBQ! If you’re hosting one this year, make an eye-catching invite in PicCollage to get people excited and share the important details. 

DIY 4th of July BBQ Party Invite
  • Stickers: “July Fourth Fun”
  • Fonts:
    • “Yeseva One”
    • “Mom’s Typo”
    • “Bebas Neue”
Party Mood Board

One of the best ways to start planning a party or event is by creating a mood board. To prepare for your 4th of July festivities, use PicCollage to create a mood board that lays out the menu, decoration ideas, and the overall vibe!

4th of July Mood Board
  • Stickers: “4th of July Party”
  • Fonts: “College” (VIP)

Digital Recipe Card

Do you have a 4th of July recipe that the world just needs to know about? Create a fun recipe card with ingredients, instructions, and a photo of the finished product. Share on social media and get others excited to make your recipe for themselves! 

DIY Digital Recipe Card
  • Background: “Boho Summer”
  • Fonts:
    • “Baskerville”
    • “Poppins”
    • “Oswald”

Social Media Sale Posts

If you’re a business owner, you know that 4th of July is a BIG time for sales. If you’re having one, use PicCollage to create attention-grabbing promos that you can us on your website, social media channels, and in email marketing. Check out these blog posts for more font pairing inspirations!

DIY Sales Posts
  • Fonts: “Lemon Milk” and “Poppins”
  • Stickers: “4th of July BBQ”
  • Background: “Rocket Pop”

However you are celebrating this year, we have plenty on content in the app to help you create the perfect card, invite, mood board, or promotional graphic! Share your fun creations and tag us at @PicCollage and using #MyPicCollage so we can celebrate with you!

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