Creative Ways Small Business Owners Can Use PicCollage

Being a small business owner is exciting, rewarding and a lot of fun – but it can also be seriously hard work. Any tool that makes important tasks easier and cuts down on your list of to-dos is a must-have. That’s where PicCollage comes in. We have tons of ways that business owners can use the app for marketing collateral, promotions and so much more. Scroll down to see a few of the ways you can use PicCollage to build and promote your business.

Business Cards

Whether you’re handing out business cards at a networking event or placing them at the checkout counter of your store, having a stand out design is a must! To create your own, set your canvas size in PicCollage to 3:2 and just add your logo and contact info! (Feel free to add some fun stickers if it works with your branding!)

Email Header Image

Email marketing can be a big source of revenue for a small business! Make sure your emails engage your customers with beautiful design and clear messaging. Use PicCollage to highlight new releases, sales items and anything else you want to sell! (Pro tip: to create a button, use the“Web Image” feature in PicCollage and search for“shop now button png”

Fonts: Ostritch Sans, Bebas Neue, Denver

Event/Sale Poster

Are you having a special event or sale that you want to promote to your audience? Use the templates in our “Invitations” template category to making a quick, professional looking poster! Simply tap on the text, edit the details and print them out or share online.

Profile Picture

Use PicCollage to create a professional profile picture for your business’s social channels. Start with a square template and add your logo or business name to the center. This will ensure that when you upload it to your social channels nothing will get cropped out!  

DIY Templates for Social 

To create a cohesive aesthetic for your social profiles, you can make beautiful templates for your posts. Once you have a set of templates, simply add a photo of the product your want to promote! As you begin to use the templates, your feed will look polished and professional. 

(Pro tip: all of our sticker packs have a cohesive theme.See how we used a single sticker pack to make multiple social media templates that look great together, but also stand out on their own!)

As we mentioned earlier, being a small business owner is hard work. Using PicCollage can help make your marketing and content creation easier and give your business a beautiful and professional online presence. We love to see how you use PicCollage to build your brand! Tag us at @piccollage or use the hashtag #mypiccollage so we can admire your amazing creations!

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