Cards To Celebrate Every Mom

Moms come in so many forms. And while we love celebrating the mothers and mother figures in our lives, we know that Mother’s Day can be a challenging holiday for many people. That’s why we’re celebrating all different types of moms this year, including those who don’t necessarily fit the traditional definition. Scroll down to see the content we’ve made for every mom.

Moms To Be

This is such an exciting time! We say start celebrating early by making a Mother’s Day card for expecting mamas.

First-Time Mom

There are few things more special than celebrating a first Mother’s Day! Commemorate this special occasion with a sweet card she’ll cherish forever.

Two Moms

What’s the only thing better than one mom? Two of them! Use this fun template to create a card for two moms.

Dad Moms

Single dads deserve some love on Mother’s Day as well! They take on the role of both mom and dad in many cases, which is a lot to say the least. Show them some extra love with a card that reminds them how much you appreciate all they do. 


Don’t forget about step-moms on Mother’s Day! Make a card to remind her how much you appreciate all she does and let her know how special she is to you.


Make sure to celebrate mothers-in-law this Mother’s Day! After all, she’s the one who helped shape your partner into the incredible person they’ve become, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to remind her how much that means to you.

Missing Mom

To all those struggling with the loss of a mother, we’re sending you so much love. Using this template to highlight your favorite photo of the two of you is a wonderful way to honor her this holiday.

Pet Mom/Plant Moms

Pet moms and plant moms, we see you! Your snuggles and consistent watering don’t go unnoticed, and this year, we’ve got plenty of adorable templates to celebrate you.

And to all the other types of moms out there (hi foster moms, aunts, and neighbors!), thank you for your love and support. As they say, “it takes a village,” and all types of moms play a huge role in the development of every person. Check out the “For Every Mom” template category in the app to see all the incredible cards we’ve create to celebrate – you guessed it – every mom.

And be sure to share your creations celebrating every type of mom by tagging us at @piccollage and using #mypiccollage

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