Creative Spring Cleaning Ideas

Spring is here and that means that it’s time for Spring Cleaning! Whether you’re doing a deep clean of your kitchen, clearing out your closet, or getting ready for a garage sale, you can use PicCollage to make your Spring Cleaning more fun and efficient! Scroll down for some of our favorite ideas.

Cleaning Checklist

We get it – cleaning our house or apartment isn’t the most fun thing on our to-do list, but it needs to happen! Make it more enjoyable by creating a pretty checklist of everything you need to get done (and feel the satisfaction as you check off each item!).

Giveaway Post For Social Media 

If you have things you don’t need or want any longer, giving them away is a great option. You won’t be adding anything to a landfill and you’ll help someone else out in the process. Create a fun post for social media featuring each item that needs a new home.

Garage Sale Poster

If you’re having a garage sale as part of your Spring Cleaning binge, make sure that you’ve got an eye-catching poster to promote it. Print it out and hang around the neighborhood to get as many people there as possible!

Share your favorite local Thrift Shops & Shelters

If you have clothes or other items that are in good shape, but that you don’t use anymore, take them to a local thrift store or shelter! Help friends to do the same by sharing a collage listing your favorite local spots.

Share Your Repurposing Tips

Do you have a great tip for reusing or repurposing old items? Make a collage to share your creative ideas and inspire others to rethink the items they have instead of throwing things away!

Get creative with your Spring Cleaning this year! Be sure to share your ideas on social media and tag us at @PicCollage so we can try them our for ourselves!

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