3 Ideas For The Perfect Vision Board

January is a perfect time to set new goals and make big plans. And making a vision board is a great way to help you imagine your dreams and make them feel like they’re already reality. There are tons of ways to use PicCollage to create a vision board that will help you stay inspired, excited, and moving towards your goals. Scroll down to see a few of our favorite ways to make your perfect vision board.


Get inspired by choosing photos that speak to your goals and dreams. Use our grid tool to help you arrange them perfectly and then post the final product somewhere you’ll see it often! Pro tip: set the canvas size to 9:16 to create a vision board wall paper for your phone!

9:16 canvas size
Cutout + images 

For a more organic feel, add some of your favorite images as the background of your vision board and then layer on cutouts and quotes that inspire you. Simple and straight to the point! 

4:3 canvas size
Add Some Stickers

No matter what your goals are for 2022, chances are we have stickers to help you define them on your vision board. Whether you’re hoping to work on your creativity, find love, eat more healthfully, or simply believe in yourself, adding adorable stickers to your vision board can be the perfect reminder of what you want to achieve this year!

Vision boards are one of our favorite tools to help us get clear on our goals and desires. We can’t wait to see how you use PicCollage to make your own. Tag us at @piccollage and use #MyPicCollage so we can see your vision boards, and don’t forget to let us know how much you achieve this year!

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