Celebrating Christmas Around the World

Christmas traditions and celebrations can vary widely depending on where in the world you are. Did you know that the traditional Christmas dinner in Japan is KFC fried chicken? Or that in Latvia, it’s common to recite a poem, play an instrument, or sing a song in exchange for receiving one of your presents? Here we share some fascinating Christmas facts with some festive collages to inspire you, no matter where you’re celebrating!

Christmas by the Beach

In Australia, Christmas is often celebrated with a trip to the beach and a lunchtime barbecue of prawns, lobster, and sweets. We love this fun snow er, beach globe card template, perfect for people celebrating in warmer climates! Just tap on the photo to try this template out for yourself!

Christmas Around The World - Australia
Happy Christmas in the UK

In the United Kingdom, children place their stockings at the foot of the bed so that Father Christmas can fill them up while they’re sleeping. On Christmas Day, families break open crackers filled with small toys, jokes, and paper crowns. Check out our “Happy Christmas” stickers to add a festive touch to your cards and collages!

Christmas Around The World - UK
Stickers: “Happy Christmas
Natal Brasileiro

In Brazil, many of the Christmas traditions come from the country’s Portuguese heritage, so nativity scenes, family Christmas dinners, Christmas trees and even Santa Claus (or Papai Noel) are common. Just tap on the photo below to try out this fun Boas Festas template!

Celebrate Christmas in Brazil
Joyeux Noël 

In France, families usually gather for Christmas Eve for a big dinner of foie gras, salmon, and oysters to start, roasted turkey for the main dish, and a cake called “bûche de Noël” for dessert. Presents are exchanged on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day. Use our “Joyeux Noël” to create the perfect holiday card!

Christmas Around The World - France
Stickers: “Joyeux Noël
Christmas in Deutschland

Germany is famous for its festive Christmas markets and delicious holiday foods. The Christmas Tree is traditionally put up Christmas Eve morning as the last decoration and gifts are exchanged that evening. On Christmas Day, families enjoy a large feast for lunch or dinner. Head over to the app to see plenty of German-themed stickers, backgrounds, and templates!

Christmas Around The World - Germany
Stickers: “Hand-drawn Christmas

In Japan, Christmas is treated as a secular celebration and tends to be celebrated regardless of one’s religion. It’s also considered a holiday for couples rather than families (the New Year is when families tend to gather instead) and the traditional Christmas meal is fried chicken and cake, or ‘kurisumasu keeki’. Tap on the photo below to get this fun fried chicken template!

Celebrate Christmas in Japan

In Latin America, making (and breaking!) piñatas is a big Christmas tradition. Used during Posadas, traditional piñatas have 7 points, each representing one of the 7 capital sins. The bright colors represent temptation and breaking the piñata represents the triumph of good over evil. We have tons of cards and templates (just tap on the photo below) to help you have a feliz navidad! 

Christmas Around The World - Latin America
Maligayang Pasko! 

One of the most iconic symbols of Philippines’ Christmas is the star lantern, “Parol”. In December, it’s hard to miss these bright lanterns as they’re strewn across the streets and hung up in almost every home. “Simbang Gabi,” another Filipino tradition, is a series of 9-day masses that lead up to Christmas Day. Say “Maligayang Pasko” by tapping below to create a card!

Celebrate Christmas in the Philippines

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas, filled with joy and laughter! Be sure to share your Christmas creations by tagging us @piccollage and using #MyPicCollage so we can celebrate with you!

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