Customize Your Spotify Holiday Playlist Covers

How early is too early to start listening to Christmas music? We vote “never” (as in it’s never too early!) This holiday season, try creating fun, festive covers for your seasonal playlists. Here we share how to create seasonal playlist covers and how to upload them to Spotify!


1. Brainstorm.

What is the vibe of your playlist? Upbeat, chill, traditional? This may help guide the design of your playlist cover. Think about how your playlist makes you feel and let that inspire your cover art.

2. Open the PicCollage app.

3. Tap on the “+” icon and select  1:1 canvas size.

4. Easily find our Christmas goodies in the “Categories” for Stickers and Backgrounds.

5. Create your covers! (Scroll down for a bunch of fun inspiration!)

6. Save to your camera roll.

7. Open the Spotify app.

8. Tap on the playlist you want to update.

9. Tap on the “…”

10. Choose “Edit”.

11. Tap on “Change Image”.

12. Upload your new cover.

13. And you’re all set! Make sure to hit that save button. 

Get Inspired!

In need of some inspiration for your playlist covers? Whether you gravitate towards minimal designs, classic covers, or bold styles, you can get the look you want with PicCollage. Scroll down to see some fun examples of playlist covers to get your creative juices flowing.


Stickers: “Christmas Cheer”

Background: “Starter Background Colors”

Lettering Style

Fonts: “Tropical” and “Wolmington”

Background: “Fall Vibes”

Classic Christmas

Background: “Christmas Lights”

Fonts: “Playfair”


Stickers: “Vintage Xmas”

Background: “Holiday Textures”


Stickers: “Gold Christmas Decor” and “Gold Christmas Wrapping Kit”

Fonts: “Theodore”

Background: “Starter Background Colors”

We wish you a very happy (and music-filled!) holiday season! Sharing your special hand-picked playlists with friends and family is highly encouraged. As always, share your designs with us by tagging us @piccollage or use #mypiccollage

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