4 Fun Ideas for DIY Fall + Halloween Phone Wallpapers

Spooky Season is creeping in and we’re jumping at the opportunity to freshen up our phone wallpaper for that extra fun! Not because Apple has released the newest iOS 15winking face Apart from customizing home screen using widgets to match your aesthetics, there are more simple ways to upgrade your phone. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite ideas, so scroll down for some easy DIY inspirations! 
Note: All backgrounds were created using the “Story” canvas size in the PicCollage app. 

Simple/Minimal Sticker

For the minimalist, we’ve got tons of cute stickers that make a statement all by themselves. Whether you’re going for a timeless look or something seasonal, this is an easy way to create an impactful design. Just choose a simple background (either a solid color or something with just a bit of texture) and place your favorite sticker smack dab in the middle. Simple and striking.

Fall Phone Wallpaper
Stickers: “Autumn Shapes 3”
Halloween Phone Wallpaper
Stickers: “Colorful Halloween”

Font Pairing

A good font pairing can take a quote or phrase to the next level. Choose some cute seasonal copy, set it against a pretty background, and start playing around with fonts! (We’ve got over 100 fonts in the app, so you have plenty to choose from!) Check out our post on text tips for some more inspo!

Fall Phone Wallpaper
Fonts: “Dawning New Day” and “The Flowery”
Halloween Phone Wallpaper
Fonts: “Amelia” and “Olive Hand”
DIY Patterns

Simply use our backgrounds or repeat a stickers to make your own pattern! One of our favorite tricks to create a fun background is to chose a few of your favorite stickers and duplicate them multiple times. You can then arrange them in any pattern you want. So easy, but it looks so professional!

Fall Phone Wallpaper
Background: “Autumn Plaid
Halloween Phone Wallpaper
Stickers: “Bright Halloween”

Each month, create a new calendar background with seasonal stickers to help set the mood! Head to the Templates section in the app and scroll down to the “Calendar” category to find tons of fun templates that you can customize to suit your style.

If you need us, we’ll be over here creating new phone wallpapers for every occasion. As always, tag us at @piccollage and use #mypiccollage so we can see all of your fun backgrounds!

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