Let’s Plan October Holiday Calendar!

Note: Full calendar available at the bottom.

We think October is one of the most exciting months of the year. Fall is in FULL swing – the leaves are changing, we can finally unpack our cozy sweaters, and we can hold our heads high while ordering a PSL (hot take: September is too early!). But all that aside, there are lots of fun holidays in October, so to properly plan our celebrations we’ve created a calendar with some important dates that you may want to jot down (or you could create a calendar of your own)!

Here are some inspiration for how to commemorate all of October’s important holidays and days of awareness.

International Coffee Day – 10/01

We think everyday is coffee day, but if we must celebrate it even more than usual on October 1st, we guess we’ll find a way. After you’ve ordered your third latte of the day, make a coffee-inspired collage, like this one using our “Coffee Time” stickers.

World Animal Day – 10/04

As any pet owner will tell you, it’s impossible to imagine life without animals. The goal of World Animal Day is to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. We have tons of cute animal content in the app, including the “Endangered” stickers used below. Create a collage sharing how you’re getting involved in World Animal Day and helping to raise awareness.

World Teacher’s Day – 10/05

October 5th is World Teacher’s Day! And even though teachers definitely deserve to be celebrated everyday, we think this is a perfect day to tell the teachers in your life how important they are. Head to the Template Section in the app and find this card in the “School” category.   

World Mental Health Day – 10/10

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, and it’s the perfect time to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world.  It’s also the perfect time to send a note of support to someone in your life who may be going through a tough time. Find this template (and lots more!) in the “Mental Health Awareness” template category in the app.

Canada’s Thanksgiving – 10/11

For our Canadian friends, October 11th marks Thanksgiving! Make a cute card to celebrate with this festive template, which can be found in the “Thanksgiving” category in the app.

Dussehra – 10/15

Dussehra, or Vijayadashami, is an important Hindu festival which signifies the victory of good over evil. This year, it takes place on October 15th. Check out the “Indian Holidays” template category in the app to find this beautiful Dussehra, along with lots of other options!

Sloth Day – 10/10

Sloooowww down this Sloth Day. Did you know that sloths sleep 15-18 hours per day? That sounds like just the right amount to us. So we’ll be following in their footsteps this day. And, of course, creating a collage with these adorable “Holiday Sloth” stickers.

Mother-in-Law Day – 10/25

We hear a ton about Mother’s Day, but Mother in Law Day? Not so much. This year, surprise your Mother in Law with a sweet card that shows you care. This template is available in the “Family” template category. 

Halloween – 10/31

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Candy and costumes? What more could you ask for! Luckily we have TONS of Halloween content to help you make cards, invites, costume inspiration collages.. basically anything you can think of!

October is also Black History Month in the UK, Netherlands, and Ireland, as well as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Rest assured that we’ve got plenty of content for both! Head to the templates category in the app for lots of content to help you bring awareness to these important topics!

And, as always, tag us at @piccollage so we can see all of your October creations!

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