How To Create A Home Office Vision Board

We get it. You’ve been working from home for what feels like forever, staring at the same office space, and you’re feeling the need to switch things up. Now, before you go out and grab a couple of random items to freshen up your space, it’s a good idea to map things out. This way you’ll avoid overspending on cute things that’ll eventually end up in the storage (it’s hard to fight the urge, we know!). Check out this awesome tutorial from @houseandholm for creative ways to use PicCollage to plan new spaces around the house! (Step-by-step tutorial available below).

2:25 – An intro to PicCollage app

2:56 – How to use Cutout feature

5:30 – How to use Grids to put together a vision board

6:08 – How to use color eyedropper tool on text

Step 1: Start from taking photos of the space you’d like to decorate and set them as Background of the collage

Step 2: Insert photos of the furniture or decorations you’d like to add to the space

Step 3: Use the Cutout feature to remove the unwanted background by outlining the furniture with scissor tool (You can refine the outline more with the eraser tool)

Step 4: Repeat Step 1 – 3 for all the spaces you’d like to upgrade

Step 5: Use Grids to put all of the vision board together on one canvas

Step 6: Add text to stay organized (Tip: use the eye dropper tool to blend in the text with the rest of the board’s aesthetic)

We can’t wait for you to try out this tutorial! Be sure to share your creations with us by tagging us at @piccollage and using #mypiccollage. We can’t wait to see all the fun things you come up with!

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