Fun New Font Inspiration From PicCollage

Fonts can have a huge impact on a design. They can express mood or emotions, and they play a big role in the message you are trying to get across. There’s even a thing called font psychology, or “the study of how different fonts impact thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.” So we’re excited to share our newest fonts and some ideas on how to use them for the most impact!

Handwriting Fonts
Font Inspiration - Handwriting Fonts
To Do List

Fonts in a hand-written style can make your content seem more personal, and they evoke a feeling of creativity – you can almost imagine someone doodling in their notebook when you see one of these fun fonts. Handwriting fonts are great to use on planners or to-do lists. They also work really well on motivational quotes to share on social media or to print out and hang above your desk for extra inspiration throughout the day!

Decorative Fonts
Font Inspiration - Decorative Fonts
"You Got This!" DIY positive quotes

Decorative fonts tend to be bold and ornate. Because of this, they are generally used for headlines, logos, very short copy, or for emphasis only. They are usually not recommended if you need to share a lot of copy because they can become hard to read at small sizes. However, when you want to make a statement with just a few words, decorative fonts will be your BFF!

Font Inspiration - Professional Fonts
Fall Sale - templates

As we mentioned before, the font you use plays a big role in how your message comes across. If you’re a business owner, chances are you want to come across as professional, respectable, and reliable. That’s where these fonts come in. Whether you’re making flyers, posting social media graphics, or creating emails to promote your business, these sleek, simple fonts will ensure that your business stands out from the crowd.

When you’re creating something new, keep in mind that the font you choose plays a big role in how the viewer will see it. Think about the emotions and message you want to get across, follow our tips above, and – most of all – have fun! Remember to tag us at @piccollage and use #mypiccollage so we can see which fabulous fonts you use.

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