Fun In-Class Activities To Try With PicCollage

Back-to-school time is here! We love hearing all the creative ways that teachers use PicCollage in their lesson plans. So, we thought it would be fun to share some ideas we had to use the app to welcome students back to the classroom. Whether schooling is happening in person or online, these ideas are sure to make kids feel excited to be back at their desks. Plus, these are also great activities for parents to do with kids who are learning from home.

First Day of Class Card

This template is a fun way to make students feel special when they get to their desks. Create personalized cards to welcome everyone to the classroom. Find this “Welcome Back” card in the Templates under the “School” category.

First Day of Class Photo Template

Try this template

Introduction Activity

Help students get acquainted with one another using this fun introduction template! Let them add a photo of themselves and share some information to help them get to know their fellow classmates. 

Classroom Activities - Introduction Activity

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Learning Timetable

Creating and keeping a schedule is a valuable lesson for anyone. Help students get in the habit of sticking to a schedule with these learning timetable templates that let them fill in their tasks and to-dos.

Back To School - Learning Timetable

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Classroom Rules

Make classroom rules fun (or at least as fun as rules can be!) with PicCollage. We have a few ready-made templates where you can fill in the rules for your classroom. Print and hang around the room so everyone can see them!

Back To School - Classroom Rules

Try this template

Here’s more ways to get ready for the Back to school season with PicCollage. Share how you use PicCollage in the classroom as the new school year gets underway. Just tag us at @piccollage and use #mypiccollage so we can see your creative ideas!

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