Collaging Your Color Personality

Chances are you’ve taken a personality test at some point in your life. Maybe it was something serious like the Myers-Briggs test or maybe it was something not-so-serious, like Buzzfeed’s “The Smoothie You Make Will Reveal What Kind of Chips Match Your Personality.” You may have even taken the color personality test that went viral on TikTok earlier this month. Even though the results are… questionable, there’s still something to be said for what your favorite color reveals about you. Scroll down to see if your favorite color really matches your personality!


Traits: Calm, loyal, responsible

If blue is your favorite color, you are probably trustworthy, reliable, and an incredible friend. People turn to you for strength and stability, and you gravitate towards a harmonious environment.

Stickers: “Positive Vibes” and “Scraps and Strokes
Background: “Earthy Textures

Traits: Healthy, balanced, generous

Those who love green tend to love the outdoors and being in nature. They value balance and consistency and love to help others.

Stickers: “Let’s Explore”
“Autumn Burlap

Traits: Strong, passionate, energetic

If red is your color, chances are you’re a born leader. You are outgoing and passionate, and you like to take action.

Stickers: “Ink Sketches”
“Holiday Textures

Traits: Optimistic, spontaneous, creative

Orange lovers are often social butterflies who live in the present. They have a zest for life and always expect that something amazing is about to happen!

Stickers: “Good Vibes”
“Speckled Paper

Traits: Playful, compassionate, kind

If you love pink, you are likely to have a fun and approachable personality. You are extremely compassionate and people turn to you when they need support. You expect the best out of people and see the world through rose-colored glasses.

Stickers: “Summer Line Art (Glitter)”
Background: “12 Shades of Pink”

Traits: Peaceful, intuitive, creative

People who love purple gravitate towards all things unique and love to stand out from the crowd. They are extremely intuitive and are viewed as visionaries thanks to their creative spirits.

Stickers: “Summer Skies”
Background: “Shimmering Skies”

Traits: Glamorous, charismatic, driven

If you love gold, adds are you are ambitious and extroverted. You have a clear vision of what you want out of life and you go out and make things happen.

Stickers: “Glitter Shapes” and “Summer Line Art (Glitter)
Background: “Holiday Textures”

So go ahead and embrace your true colors. Remember to tag @piccollage and use #mypiccollage to share your fun creations with us! 

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